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Aug 12, 2008 03:10 PM

Pasta-like Italy, not red sauce-MSP

I have a craving for a really great dish of fresh handmade pasta. Where should I go where I won't be disappointed? I'm looking for somewhere you walk out wondering how such deliciousness was created with just a few simple ingredients. I thought Broder's Pasta Bar didn't quite cut was good, but I'm looking for pasta a notch above that.

Would D'amico Cucina be worth it? And would the waitstaff be angry at you for taking up space in their restaurant if all you wanted to eat was pasta?

How about some of the non-Italian fine dining restaurants that have a pasta dish or two on their menu? How's the pasta at La Belle Vie, Heidi's, Heartland, or 112 Eatery?

Is there a wonderful Italian restaurant with great pasta that I'm missing? I've only been to Broder's and Luci Ancora (also not quite good enough, alas).

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  1. For pasta made on location, Ristorante Luci has some decent stuff. Overall, I've found the place to be a little overrated, but their fresh pasta is good.

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      The last time I had pasta at Luci it was sub par. It was a peach and prosciutto dish that just did not work on any level. Mushy pasta. Flavor of peach was bland. Big blanket of prosciutto (I think they might have proudly called it house cured) that was too thick to be tender.

    2. Does anyone know if Il Vesco Vino or La Grolla make their own pasta? I've never eaten pasta at the former or have been to the latter, but they may be possibilities.

      1. I wasn't even past your first paragraph and stringozzi with lamb sugo at 112 Eatery was already on my mind.

        I'll continue my ongoing praise for Osteria I Nonni. (new URL since last time I went to the restaurant site). Menu changes periodically so I can't rave about any specific item. I've never had a dud there.

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        1. re: MSPD

          Ditto. I Nonni is my favorite TC restaurant.

        2. Ristorante Luci was pretty solid when I went there. I Nonni is pretty much amazing, I'm a big fan.

          1. Ditto to the previous recs for Osteria I Nonni. It's the best Italian we've had in the Cities, hands down.