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Aug 12, 2008 03:03 PM

Dukkah- Egyptian spice, where to buy?

I was just reading about an Egyptian spice blend called Dukkah (a blend of roasted nuts, seeds, and spices) which is great for coating fish and poultry, or with bread. (Dip bread in olive oil, then dukkah)

So where in Toronto does one go to get dukkah?

Also, they recommend having it with Turkish bread, which I remember from my travels there as being delicious. So where do you buy authentic Turkish bread in Toronto too?


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  1. you can make it really easily, find a recipe online. Down-under its very common, we some times make it for sale at The Kiwi Cafe here in Chester, NS.
    Basically you saute some whole spices and nuts , then buzz quickly in food processor. There will be a few different recipes out there, my favourites include pistachios, but a good basic one has almonds, corinader seed etc

    1. Another vote here to make your own. It was my party trick this winter and it got lots of love wherever it went. You can tweak it to your tastes and it keeps well in an airtight jar. Three cheers for dukkah!

      1. You can find various dukkah mixtures at most mid-eastern stores (Nasr, Arz, Ararat, etc). However, the best prepared mixture (to my palate) is available at Bonnie Stern.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. I was hesitant to make my own, since I had not actually tried it. I do not know what the "authentic dukkah" is supposed to taste like. I'll try finding some at the stores suggested. Then I'll make my own : )

          1. Nasr Foods on Lawrence at Warden definetly has it.