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Aug 12, 2008 02:58 PM

Report on Morsels Asheville

A few weeks ago I asked around for celebratory desserts and nobody had tried Morsels yet.

Morsels make cupcakes. Only cupcakes. But cupcakes of incredible power! First off, I had a difficult time selecting a flavor. She makes so many different and unusual ones, like pear/ginger with pink grapefruit icing, peach-scotch bonnet, lavender creme-brulee and several fabulous sounding dark chocolates: one with bourbon, another with floral undertones and one with chilies. Because I wanted more then one variety but was having a very small party, I ordered a half dozen pear/ginger with pink grapefruit frosting and another six of the dark chocolate chili. They're not cheap: $33.00 for a dozen. However, they were the best cupcakes I've ever had in my entire mouth (or life)! I did meet with Nancy at the Grove Arcade and sample the chocolate and before I made my order, which she made easy by working around my schedule. Bottom line, if you are having any kind of celebration but want to dress up the standard idea of just cake, go to Morsels. You will not be let down!

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  1. I must have missed the previous reference to Morsels. Where is this place that promises to be Nirvana? At the Grove Arcade?

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      It has no physical location yet... kind of like Nirvana that way. You can find them in the ether at

      1. re: lisafaz

        Thanks. I had googled up the same info shortly after posting. I'm glad to see that they do a donation of unsold goods.

        And I'm even more glad that I work for a non-profit that may qualify for some of those donations from time to time!