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Aug 12, 2008 02:16 PM

Anything New I-5 from SF to LA?

Time for my annual roadtrip and thought I'd check to see if there are any new chow worthy stops along I-5 from SF to LA. Yes, I know, it's a culinary wasteland but it never hurts to check first before I head out onto the highway!

Much obliged!

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  1. Not new but a confirmation of previous posting. About two weeks ago on a Saturday morning we had breakfast in Bakersfield at the 24th Street Cafe, The complimentary brekfast at the restaurant next to our hotel was eggs and bacon with no substitutions, so we went tot he cafe. It is a great local place. The line of empty chairs on the sidewalk with a big caraffe of coffee waiying told us that folks liked this spot, and later it would be crowed. We went inside and they let us sit at the counter. The food was fine hearty breakfast stuff with lots of choices for pancakes, waffles, etc. The old custom of turning your coffee cup over if you want some was in practice. Turns out we had inadvertently upset the tradition of who sits where for the regulars at the counter, but folks were very friend (not overly so). I had a short stack of pancakes and my DH had stuffed french toast which was two fabulous pieces of french toast with a slab of cream cheese between them! We'll be back if we are ever in the area around breakfast time. Thanks to whomever posted it in the first place!

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      I read about this place on another board. 3 of us visited the cafe on Nov 8. It had a lot of people waiting outside for larger tables. We luckily fit on a table for two and were seated immediately. The staff was very friendly and when I told our waitress we were from LA and heard about this place, I felt they thought I was a Guy Fieri type doing a DDD episode. Anyway, the menu at their website doesn't do this place justice. They have a special menu that is printed separate from the menu. It's got all the "Gotta Try" items. We loaded up with the following. The cinnamon roll with butter was a perfect starter for 3 people. It's big and freshly baked. Melts in your mouth. I had the Spinich, garlic, proscutto omlette with ParmReg on top with homefries and buscuits n gravy. Mom had chile verde omlette with hashbrowns. Sis had Carrot Pancakes with Cream Cheese butter. We shared our items family style. Everything was excellent and it was definitely a gourmet breakfast. As a bonus, the waitress gave us some dollar size pumpkin pancakes with pecan butter. Needless to say, their cakes don't need syrup with their gourmet butters on the side. Overall a great experience. Friendly people in a nice community serving great food will always be a good place to stop and eat. I really think Guy should do this place on DDD.

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        Another one of the favs is Cope's Knotty Pine on Norris Road, not far off the "99".

        Cope's Knotty Pine
        1530 Norris Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93308

      2. A very late followup but it's time for the November/December travel season.

        I travel this route several times a year, so I made some 'reminder' lists: I-5 Hwy 99

        Most of the places I want to try are in Los Banos, search this board for ideas.

        If you detour through Fresno, Melanie Wong has a list of Armenian places that have me itching to spend a week there:

        As far as 24th Street Cafe, puhleese don't give FN any ideas. This place sounds like it has enough business.