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Aug 12, 2008 02:00 PM

Affordable Italian, Indian? Outdoor dining?

Hi all. I'll be in Montreal for a few days and I'm wondering if anyone's been to a nice Italian place with pastas around $15? Also are there any restaurants or bars with outdoor space worth going to? Also any stand-out Indian places? BYOB Indian? I'm from NYC so is there any must-have cuisine I should try unique to Montreal that I can't find in the city?

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  1. Great Indian with an outdoor space: Taste of India (, but I'm not sure whther it's BYOB. I also like Asha (3490 Parc Ave.).
    Cheap (but good) pasta: La Popessa ( It probably doesn't qualify as a "nice" Italian place, but I like it nonetheless.
    Bars with great outdoor spaces: le Sainte-√Člizabeth ( and le Saint-Sulpice (1680, Saint-Denis St.).
    Also, Santropol ( has a great terrasse.
    Montreal specialty you must try: poutine. Most fast-food places will have it, but the best is arguably at la Banquise ( When in doubt, go for the original: French fries, gravy and cheese.
    I hope this helps! :)

    1. Bombay Mahal, 1001 Jean Talon W. is a BYOW. Thalis range from $6 for veg. and $7-$7.50 (I think) for meat. It's a small, no frills place that tends to have a lineup.

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        i second bombay mahal. i've actually been craving their food for weeks... great food for my tiny budget :)

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          Third - uhhh - ed?

          Bombay Mahal for BYOB FTW

      2. If there's a definitive thread about outdoor dining on this board, it's this one: