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Aug 12, 2008 01:14 PM

Company Lunch in Woburn area?

Looking to have a company lunch, somewhere that can accommodate 25 people, with various food requirements, not all that picky though. We usually order in pizza, pasta, salads, Thai, Chinese etc. for these types of events just to give you an idea of the kind of fare we are looking for. Nothing fancy. Looking for something on the informal to very informal scale.

We are by the woburn mall, close to the 128/93 interchange. Travel would probably be limited to no more than 10 miles.

Any ideas?

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  1. sichuan garden II,in the Baldwin Mansion, a stone's throw from you.
    cold cuke dish and lemon chicken are quite good there.

    1. Sichuan Garden is a good place. I had lunch there once, and I wasn't that happy with the lunch combos. You might want to order off the regular menu.

      Other options:
      There is a Korean BBQ place in Burlington called New Jang Su .
      I like Angelo's in Stoneham. I'm not sure their main dining room is open for lunch, but you could check.
      Fuloon in Malden isn't that far.

      1. You are not in a mecca of great restaurants, but there are a couple of spots I can think of.

        Right near Lowe's is a Mexican, it has decent food.
        The Ninety-Nine has decent burgers, salads, etc.
        Bertucci has good pizzas and can handle 25 people.

        I know these recs are all chains, but like I said you aren't in a great spot. And you have 25 people to serve.

        I love Angelos in Stoneham too, but the sub shop side which is open for lunch will never fit 25 of you.

        I would recommend Zalek's in Wakefield for you all, but don't know if thats in your 10 mile radius. If you have internet access, check it out. It's on Princess St., Wakefield.

        1. How about Tanner Tavern in Woburn Square? I have never been disappointed with the food.

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            Glad to hear a recommendation for their food, which I have never had. Soon after they opened, I was at the bar side after work, with co-workers (you cannot imagine how rare an event this is for me, since I don't drink!). There was an ample raw bar, which nobody in the room was ordering (to me, raw bivalves look like a bad chest cold). As I sipped my tonic water, I looked at the restaurant menu, It seemed a little pricey for the venue. I looked into the restaurant side - very dark wood, black napkins, no tablecloths. My biggest stumbling block about the place is that from the street, it is so dark and unwelcoming. You can't see through the darkened windows at all. A lighter window with cafe curtains or lower shutters would have allowed for both visilbility and diner privacy. The external signage is black Gothic lettering on a tan banner, with a few neon signs (open, beers, etc.). Nowhere does it say "fine dining" or anything else to indicate that it isn't mainly a bar. If you didn't know better, you would not think it was a food destination.

          2. I think that you've had some good recommendations here. My general comments:

            Sichuan Garden is a good choice, though many of the better dishes are spicy if there are people in your company sensitive to that sort of thing.

            The Korean BBQ place is excellent and somewhat novel.

            Lanna Thai Diner is pretty nice, though I'm not quite sure 25 people can fit in there.

            I know you said not formal, but the Duck Walk has a private function room that my company has used before and is very nice. Molise nearby is good too.

            Zalek's is an excellent option, though again I don't know about 25 people fitting there.

            Mandarin in Reading has excellent Americanized chinese food and a good buffet at lunch.