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Aug 12, 2008 01:08 PM

Chinese Soup Dumplings in Phoenix Area

I've heard so much about these dumplings but I've never seen them on a menu. Does anyone know if they're available in the Phoenix area? I live on the west side of town so if there's anything closer to that side of town, that would be great, if not, then I'm just curious if they are available any where. Does the new Lee Lee's market have them maybe?

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  1. Tottie's Shanghai Palace in South scottsdale has them. I have nevered ordered them myself, but everything I have tried there is delicious!!

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    1. re: Kam7185

      If you're referreing to the "Sha Long Dumplings" at Shanghai Palace, then I wouldn't bother. They're putrid.

    2. Some Chinese friends took me to a place at the Chinese Cultural Center and we ordered soup dumplings. It was delish!

      Schezwan Palace
      668 N 44th Street
      Phoenix, AZ 85008

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      1. re: foodie_21

        I used to love Schezwan Palace but I heard from others that the chef there has changed recently (maybe a month or 2) and the food is not close to as good as it used to be.