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Jun 27, 2003 08:20 PM

Inn of the Seventh Ray

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Hiya, a friend is organising a raw food tasting menu at the Inn of the Seventh Ray. I have never been and can't wait..but was wondering if any hounds out there have any thoughts or recommendations for things we should try. Many thanks...I love this website!!!

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  1. Sorry for taking so long to respond, but I HATE the food at the Inn of the Seventh Ray! Am I alone in this? The location is gorgeous, but everything i have ever tried there was HORRIBLE.

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      i have to agree with you on the inn of the seventh ray. i would say it's one of the most overrated restaurants in LA, even if the location is beautiful.

    2. I'd have to disagree with all the posts above mine. I went there recently and found the food to be delicious. After I came back I reccomended it to all my friends. Here's a review I posted on my blog for this resturant:

      "i had a dining "experience" the other night. for my birthday frank took me to 'inn of the seventh ray' in topanga, just north of los angeles. i didn't get very many clues as to where we'd be dining so i just assumed it would be some romantic restaurant up in the hills.. i was right, but it was so much more.. not only is it easily the most romantic restaurant i've ever been to, but it served up some of the greatest food. these cheese selection appetizer we had was absolutely delictible (imported and local brands only) and the lamb chops i got were the freshest most tender sons of bitches i've ever had. everything was so good, in the end i was thinking their "reverse osmosis" tap water i had was the best water i've ever had as well. now at even the best restaurants, there are sometimes parts of the meal which aren't that good.. for example, appetizer wasn't quite up to snuff or the dessert selection wasn't anything beyond apple cobbler a la mode.. but when we got he dessert i was blown away. turns out, everything at this freakin' restaurant was delicious. they have 'florentino' brand ice cream served with almost everyone of their dessert dishes which is probably what gets guests going back for more.. best ice cream i've ever had.. i did a little research and sadly they don't sell this brand in regular grocery stores and it looks like they have to be custom ordered.. damn fancy ice cream! even the crispy filo crust that went along was the ice cream was positively to die for..

      so in the end, i would say 'inn of the seventh ray' is kind of a quasi american hippie resturant serving vegan, vegetarian and all "natural foods" dishes.. i wouldn't let this deter big meat eaters as their meat is fresh and it's nice to know that your beef hasn't been treated with large amounts of horomones when you eat it sometimes.. hey, frank and i both got meat entress (tenderloins for him and lamb chops for me) which were declicious! their atmosphere is absolutely perfect for a romantic night out or a treat for yourself and some friends. note that their restaurant is mostly outdoors but there is some indoor seating so bring a jacket with you if you're not dining during the warmer seasons. i'd much rather eat outside as that where the beauty of the restaurant is.. small like running next to it.. trees and twinkly lights everywhere.. amazing. anyways, i highly reccomend this resturant to anyone who loves a great dining experience.

      my only complaint? after frank mentioned it, i realized the chairs were a little uncomfortable and rickety for a nice restraunt like that.."

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      1. re: Tina

        I love a woman who refers to lamb chops as "the freshest most tender sons of bitches i've ever had." Whoa!!!

      2. i don't know about dinner but for brunch this place should be renamed Inn of the 7 Nastinesses

        1) Bad, weak coffee. this is breakfast. i need to be woken up.
        2) weird (gross) stir fry masquerading as tofu scramble
        3) duck bacon 'aumlette' (oh jesus people) that was so greasy it was sliding around on my plate...*completely* revolting.
        4) scone? even the waitress described it as bland.
        5) did i mention coffee? the cappucinos were pretty awful too. don't hippies drink coffee?
        6) mushy melon on my plate.
        7) potatoes - these are a brunch staple. fried potatoes are inherently delicious. you must have to try really hard to mess these up. somehow they did it. kudos people. well done.

        avoid this place. the only things it had going for it were the location, our great busgirl, and some decent belgian waffles.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Maybe it's not everyone's type of place, but I love it! The food's always been great, but maybe that's because I love this kind of food... I've noticed it doesn't get good reviews with people who don't like their fruits, veggies, or whole grains.