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Aug 12, 2008 12:14 PM

wedding cake recommendations for Princeton area?


I'm getting married in Princeton in the fall and am new to the area. Any recommendations for a good bakery for wedding cakes? I have Mastori's in Bordentown and Mendoker's on my short list, but would appreciate any other recommendations or advice. Price is defintely an important consideration (we're on a tight budget) and we want it to taste really good. Not too concerned about the look of the cake though:).


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  1. I've been getting fabulous tasting cupcakes from Sunshine and Sugar Bakery in Plainsboro. They specialize in cupcakes but they do have cakes there as well. In Plainsboro Village.

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      I would save yourself some time and just go to Mastori's. The cake is absolutely amazing!!! and as I recall from our wedding almost 6 yrs ago it was completely resonable too.

    2. This might not work on a tight budget, but it's at least worth asking... See if you like the cupcakes at Bent Spoon, in Princeton, and if you do, maybe they'd be willing to make a cake. I have no idea if they would, but, man, the cupcakes are really great--the cake is moist and the frosting is not one of those overly sugary buttercream types. Granted, the gelato is pretty expensive, but the cupcakes are a reasonable price, or at least the going rate for boutiquey cupcakes...

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        brownie, where is the Bent Spoon? I'm excited to hear about another cupcake place in the area. Have you tried Sunshine and Sugar? How do they compare?

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          Sorry for the delay! The Bent Spoon, if it's not too late, is on Palmer Square, near the Nassau Inn. Kind of near Ann Taylor and a lingerie shop. I haven't tried the new place in Plainsboro but I think we'll check it out next time we have Indian food out there. Apparently the new cupcake place is awful, at least that's what my brother reports. He's a man who knows a cupcake! Also bakes a mean one himself, but that's another story...

        1. Strongly suggest that you check out The Dessert Plate in Somerville. It is one of the best pastry shops in the state.

          1. Thank you!! So many good recommendations! I have tastings scheduled at Mendokers and Mastori's and am talking to someone at Pierre's tomorrow. Might treat myself to some gelato at the Bent Spoon too. I overindulged on their vanilla cupcakes while I was studying for the bar exam and now can't stomach them anymore.

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              The Village Bakery in Lawrenceville does very very nice stuff. ESP the cakes