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Aug 12, 2008 11:49 AM

TAPATIO hot sauce in / near Miami?

I've just relocated to Miami this week and I've been unable to find a brand of hot sauce called TAPATIO. It's not expensive and it's not very exotic . . . it's also not in any Miami Beach grocery store (large or small) as far as I can tell.

I've yet to search Little Havana, but I thought I'd ask if anyone on the board is a fan and knows where I can look for it . . . THANKS!

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  1. It's in the El Presidente supermarkets -- there are 2 pretty close to downtown Miami on calle ocho .... and I thought it was in Publix (it will be in 1 of two places: near the rest of the hot sauces near ketchup and barbecue sauce, OR with the mexican foods in the ethnic food aisle).

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      THANK YOU, I'll find an El Presidente location tonight. It's not at Publix locations I've visited in Miami Beach (3 of them) but I have seen it in Publix in Central Florida.

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        I've definitely seen it up here, at Publix in Orlando. If worst comes to worst and you can't connect with it down there, you can send me a money order to cover cost plus shipping (or Paypal, if you use that) and I'll mail you a few bottles!

        1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

          Thanks Lou! Let's see how I do at El Prez first!

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            It's definitely at the Publix's over here near Little Havana -- and I'm pretty sure it's at Winn Dixie too... The largest Publix over here is actually the one at the edge of Coral Gables: SW 37th Avenue and SW 16th Street.

            Grab some limes while you're at El Presidente -- they're 15 for a buck this week,,,,,

    2. I prefer Tapatio as well, can you imagine how difficult it is to find in Northern Maine? Enjoy.

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        OK, I found it by the way and thanks for all the suggestions.
        I also learned at they will ship to you in small retail orders anywhere in the States.

      2. Wow being from LA I can't imagine NOT walking into any grocery store or even restaurant and finding Tapatio. Even many white people prefer it over Tabasco because its not vinegary.
        But then again I have to go out of my way for pies and other foods.
        Is it hard to find bouillon powder there, especially big jars of it?

        1. Meridian Market on 6th and Meridian in Miami Beach usually has Tapatio.

          1. Found some at Big Lot store today for $1.25. Don't know if there are any Big Lot stores in Miami Beach but thought I would mention it in case there was. Good luck.

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              I found it here on Miami Beach at a small place called Beach Market on 14th just east of Alton Road.