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Aug 12, 2008 11:35 AM

FYI--Suzanne Goin's Vanilla Semifreddo

So I made Marian Burros's Plum Torte recipe over the weekend (the farmer's market had Italian plums!) and wanted to make ice cream to serve with it but didn't want all the hastle of custard and chilling and ice cream maker etc so I pulled out Goin's Sunday Supper's at Lucques and made her vanilla semifreddo recipe.

IT IS FANTASTIC. and so easy.

The only thing is once it is done you need to freeze it for at least four hours before serving.

I love you, Suzanne Goin.

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  1. Is that the Rustic Plum Tart that's also in the NYTimes Dessert Cookbook? If so, I've made that several times with great success. Plums out here in NorCalif. are really wonderful right now.

    I'll have to try Goin's semifreddo. Jamie Oliver is also enamored of semifreddo, as is Nigella. I've made her honey semifreddo with pine nuts - fantastic.

    Glad Goin has gotten on the bandwagon.

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      That honey one sounds wonderful. My ice cream maker has been broken since I moved back to NYC five years ago, and that's therefore how long it's been since I've made ice cream. But, semifreddo I could do. I'm just working on my menus for our two week vacation that's coming up, and I'm going to have to add this idea to it.

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        Hm, does that recipe call for 24 plum halves? Placed on top of a filled springform?
        I have made Jamie Oliver's semifreddo--the hazelnut praline variation. Marvelous. I must try Nigella's honey and pine nuts. I love pine nuts in desserts.