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Waterfront or intracoastal in South Palm Beach or North Broward?

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We live in Western Palm Beach County and want to meet up with out of town friends who will be staying in Pompano in Broward County. Looking for a waterfront or intracoastal restaurant/bar for dinner anywhere between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale? We are older couples, so nothing too wild please. We're aiming for dinner around 6pm.

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  1. There is a Houston's Restaurant in Pompano right on the water on Atlantic blvd by the bridge to A1A. They have a nice outdoor dining area with very consistent service and good food -- never had a bad meal there in over 3 years (ever since the Houston's on North Federal closed). They also have an outdoor bar.

    The exact address is:

    2821 E Atlantic Blvd
    Pompano Beach, FL 33062
    Phone: (954) 783-9499

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        Nope, definitely not closed, was there a week ago Sunday.

    1. How about Wharfside shopping plaza on SW 18th Street and Powerline Road in Boca which is one block north of Hillsboro. There you will find Mykonos the Greek restaurant which is super I think, and Eilat Cafe which is fish and vegetarian. Both have waterside seating. Blue Coyote was there but has now closed and i don't know what replaced it. Carrabas is also also on the same lake - they have outdoor tables for drinks not sure if you can eat outside at Carrabas.

      1. My recommendation -- Prime Catch on Woolbright Road and US 1 in Boynton Beach. Good food and a lovely intracoastal location. Prices are OK also. You can't go wrong at Prime Catch -- the menu is varied enough to accommodate everyone in your party. PS: I'm 65.

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          I'll second Prime Catch. From the description you provided, I think this fits the bill.

        2. JB's on the Beach in Deerfield just north of Hillsboro, Ocean 352 (right next door to JB's).

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            Jb's on the Beach is great! Love the Lobster Pizza!

          2. Oceans 234 in south boca on the beach - http://www.oceans234.com/
            Caps Place Island Restaurant - quite touristy - http://www.capsplace.com/
            15th Street Fisheries - http://www.15streetfisheries.com/
            Blue Moon - One of my favorites - http://www.bluemoonfishco.com/
            Grill 66 and Bar - http://www.grille66andbar.com/


              1. Serafina is very nice on the intracoastal around 20th Ave off Sunrise.
                Blue Moon Cafe is great on the intracoastal off Commerical Blvd.
                Sea Watch right on the beach is not bad, a great view, nice service.
                I don't care for Houston's. It's kind of generic.

                1. 101 Ocean is a casual open air bar that I love. A block from the ocean, it's in charming Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and has wonderful brick oven pizza and other casual fare. Fun for a casual date or get together with friends. Family friendly, too.