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Aug 12, 2008 10:51 AM

Da Paolo Calgary

I ate at Da Paolo (121 - 17th Ave SE) for the first time last night. It definitely will not be my last. We were going to the Tom Petty concert so the location of Da Paolo was perfect. They allow you to leave your car in their parking lot so it is a quick walk to the Saddle Dome. That in itself is great but the food was even better. They do have an abbreviated "event" menu that is served before concerts, hockey games, etc.

I started out with a Misto salad. It was good but a little light on dressing. The addition of sundried tomatoes almost made up for it though. Two of my friends had the caesar salad & both said it was excellent. For my main, I had the shrimp & scallop special. The scallops were seared & the shrimp were seared/grilled. Perfectly done on both. The pasta side was delicious as were the vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper & carrots) Other dishes ordered at the table were the filet, the halibut with dill sauce special and the canneloni. Everyone agreed that the canneloni was a great dish. The halibut was slightly overcooked but still delicious & the filet rounded out the table as a nice dish. We shared a bottle of Zenato Repassa with dinner & finished the evening with capucinnos & sambuca. Bill before tip was $245 (included 2 pre-dinner beers).

All in all, great location, great service & great food. I would not hesitate to recommend Da Paolo and we will be going back soon.

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  1. Thanks for the review! It's so nice to know that we have avant-Saddledome dining options besides Lion's Den and Ed's (on 17th and Arriva/casino side too).

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      Da Paolo's is wonderful! Although, I could be biased as it was the first place my husband took me for a date.

      The original chef and owner have left, and the last time I was there, things weren't quite as good as in the past. But yes, the history - and Alli (server/owner now I believe) is a wonderful host. Extremely attentive, but professional. The ravioli I had there were...a bit freezer burnt last Da Paolo's had moved "down the list" so to speak. But I was quite smitten with the beef carpaccio. And the gnocchi are the best we've had in town, which hubby has eaten there since a child. It's not the best ever, but very, very good. Glad you enjoyed it Merry113! :)

    2. I haven't tried Da Paolo for some time, good to see it's still running after the original owners sold out. As a longtime Da Paolo customer I have been going down the street to Il Gallo Nero, opened by one of the former owners of Da Paolo. I had a lamb loin special with mushroom risotto there a few weeks ago that was truly excellent - I spent quite some time trying to convince them to add it to the regular menu.