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Aug 12, 2008 10:43 AM

campfire ideas please -- foil packets

Hey -- I'm going camping for a couple of nights and I'm delighted to cook on the fire again. It's been a couple of years since I've done this so I would like to check in on cooking times and ideas... or maybe I'm forgetting something that is *especially delicious* when cooked this way?

I am very SIMPLE when cooking on the campfire. I will double-wrap everything in foil, season with olive oil and salt and pepper, and cook on the coals. I don't use a camping stove or a grate -- everything right on the coals.

Here's what I am thinking:
*for protein -- chicken sausage or sweet or hot Italian sausage from a good deli (probably cooked on sticks or maybe sliced in foil? which would be better?)
*baby red potatoes seasoned with rosemary, S and P (with sour cream YUM)
*plum tomatoes (maybe with some fresh basil after they're done)
*red onions
*corn on the cob (shucked first, dotted with butter and salt and pepper)
*some yummy bread, also grilled and then dipped in the grilled tomatoes which get all sauce-y YUM
*Maybe portabella mushrooms? I have not done this before but spotted a recipe that looks great with these -- marinate a little while, grill in foil, melt some cheese in top, maybe spoon on some of the grilled tomatoes
*For dessert: sliced peaches grilled in the foil packets with cinnamon, butter, sugar

Cooking Times: I think the onions go into the fire first (big ones -- into fire for about 50 mins?), then the baby potatoes (35 mins?), then tomatoes and corn take about the same cooking time (25 minutes?) and finally the bread, sausages, and mushrooms for the last 15 minutes or so.

Is it better to spear the sausages on sticks, or to slice and cook them in a packet??

thanks! Can't wait...

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  1. On a recent camping trip, we cooked foil packets in the coals and included ground beef, cheddar or blue cheese, chipotles in adobo, caramelized onions (I caramelized them at home ahead of time), crumbled bacon (also cooked at home ahead of time), and cubed red potatoes. Some of us added sour cream on top after cooking. They were absolutely delicious and so satisfying in the chilly evening!

    Watch it with the chipotles, though - I invariably add too many, and wind up with my lips on fire.

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      What about roast garlic? Take a whole floret, chop off the pointy bit, and drizzle olive oil. Double wrap in foil and put in a cool part of the coals for 45 minutes.

      Also, bananas and chocolate: peel one piece of banana and slit down the middle and stuff with (I prefer dark) chocolate. Put the peel back on and double wrap in foil. Eat with a spoon.

    2. I've been itching to try a version of this since it caught my eye one day...

      1. My all time favorite foil pocket camping recipe
        Swordfish with slices of lemon and onion and 2 pats of butter- simple and great

        another favorite of mine clams in a mess kit frying pan, in white wine, butter and lemon till they steam- with a cheap bottle of bubbly ( or nice) it's fabulous

        also I reccomend an African fireside treat that is delicous and a bit werid (I'm sure is America's fault somehow) Slice a bannana in half, peel and all, put a snickers bar in the middle and wrap the whole thing in tinfoil- throw in the fire...result a possible one up on the smore

        on a recent camping trip a friend made a columbian recipe for Pork tenderloin, loin was rolled in herbs and wrapped tightly in a wet cheese cloth then thrown on the coals. Everyone was raving about the results

        1. in foil: pack a fresh pineapple & peel & slice it into rounds, splash with a tiny hit of oil & soy or balsamic and grill till roasty tender.

          out of foil: grilled pizza; so easy and versatile.

          1. What are those things with the long handles called -- campfire pie makers? They use bread or tortillas as the outside crust and the pies can be sweet or savory. Modify to tin foil -- think campfire Frizbees.

            You could be nibbling on quesadillas while waiting for Poached's salmon to finish. Thin-sliced pound cake, even angle food cake, filled with Nutella or dulce de leche,
            served with fresh macerated fruit. Or PB and fruit on brioche for breakfast with a big glass of cold milk.

            Make panninis. Wrap in foil and weight with a stone, brick or cast-iron skillet, flip once. I'm thinking mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, proscuitto. Or a Reuben or Rachel.
            Or whatever leftovers you had from the night before -- corn, shrooms, onions, potatoes, and cheese.

            Ditto the steamed clams (or mussels). Easily translates to a foil pouch so everyone gets his/her own bowl.

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              my favorite girl scout recipe, truly better than the sum of its well seasoned hamburger patty, one thick slice of oneon, one slice of potato a little oil, wrapped in foil and cooked on on charoal fire directly. Amazingly simple and good. You can even skip the oil and it is still good.

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                My Boy Scout version was sliced carrots, sliced potatoes, sliced onions (a good serving of each), with a fat hamburger patty on top. The potatoes and carrots on the bottom can burn, but that bottom layer buffers the rest. And the juice from the burger moistens the whole thing. Geez, I want one right now...

                1. re: praeburn

                  I learned it was important to put the potatoes, or veggies ( the things you disliked the most) on the outside protect the burger from burning. Inevitably, the kids ( outdoor ed kids) who didn't include veggies, ended up with a burnt burger.