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7 Days a Wing

I am looking to do a wing special marathon.

I know Duff's has a special on Tuesday's, Bishop and the Belcher on weekends and Red Lion on Wednesday. These are already in my regular rotation when the mood for wings hits.

What I am looking for is 7 different places that will have a wing special each on different nights so I can go to 7 places consecutively to check them out.

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  1. Wheat Sheaf. Believe they have 1/2 price wings Sunday to Tuesday.

    Actually, another place I've wanted to re-visit is Squirly's on Queen West (west of Bathurst). I went there once. Had some good microbrews on tap and nice wings, too. DOn't think it's a wing special kind of place, but I do recall they were baked, not fried, which I find a nice change. More tender.

    1. mcsorley's has a monday one if i remember correctly. they are grilled rather than fried though.

      1. Monday's Sneaky Dee's has beer & wing combo specials...

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          Fox & Fiddle John/Adelaide Sunday & Mondays 1/2 wings

        2. I'm pretty sure that Hooters has a wing special on Mondays.

          Hooters Restaurant
          280 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V1P6, CA

          1. Sneaky Dees . . .Monday and Tuesday night deals . . . Excellent wings!!


            1. Mill Street Brewpub has a wing special -- 49 cents a wing -- advertised on its website for Tuesdays but when you're actually there, the onsite menu says Wednesdays, so you'd have to call to check in advance to see which is correct.

              The Gabby's pubs also have wing specials but they vary from location to location

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                Don't miss Tara (Kingston Road) Monday night half price wings. Order them naked with sauce on the side.

              2. Beer Station at Bathurst and Bloor has a wing "special" every night, and at all hours, even! I wrote about it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/559076 , but to recap:

                $12.99 - pitcher of house beer (which was quite nice, very citrusy) with wings and fries
                $14.99 - pitcher of canadian (i think), with wings, fries and blue cheese dipping sauce
                $17.99 - pitcher of rickards red or white, or keiths, with wings and fries

                1. Squirrely's has without question Toronto's best wings... on special Thursdays I believe.