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Aug 12, 2008 10:39 AM

caramelized onions

I was watching Nigella's cooking show on Sunday evening. She was making a lamb dish to which she added caramelized onions. However, the onions she hadn't made herself but came out of a jar. Does anyone know if caramelized onions in jars are available in Toronto?

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  1. You can find them in Chinatown or any Asian supermarket around the Thai ingredients, also they have fried garlic flakes.

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      I think ER2 is referring to the soft, almost melted carmenlized onions, that can only be achieved with diligence, butter and patience.

      Have you seen Stonewall Kitchen products? Or check out a place like Puscateris or Whole Foods - this is a high-end product, I think.

    2. They are around, though generally only at high end stores. The best I've tasted from a jar were from Silver Palate (who possibly has the recipe in one of their cookbooks). Check places like Summerhill or Pusateri's. If a Loblaw's has them, they will generally be above the refrigerated cases in the meat or cheese areas.

      The Chinese version is crispy fried onions. These also come from Denmark. They are tasty, and cheap, but they aren't what you want. The stuff Nigella is suggesting is quite expensive. I can eat a $10 jar by myself at one sitting.