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Aug 12, 2008 10:34 AM

ISO place for a long lunch near Marshfield/Duxbury

I have reconnected with a long-lost childhood friend who will be vacationing on Cape Cod the second week in September. I live north of Boston. We'd like to meet roughly mid-way and have lunch somewhere that won't mind if we linger for a few hours over coffee, to catch up on the last 40 years! Neither of us has any major issues as regards cuisine. Someplace scenic, and/or with outside seating would be great, if possible. I realize that most of the better restaurants close between lunch and dinner hours, so those would be out. We may need to settle for a chain. The Marshfield/Duxbury area looks to be about half-way. Suggestions, please?

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  1. In Brant Rock (part of Marshfield), I would stop at either the Fairview Inn (Lunch until 4) or Arthur and Pat's (lunch until 3) - both are on Route 139

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      Thanks so much, "Ernestine"! The Fairview Inn looks just perfect. I see you are in Woburn - I recently retired from delivering mail on the west side for over 20 years...small world!

    2. I second the Fairview recommendation. They have a nice outside porch dining area with ocean views. The food is fair to middling but the atmosphere and location sound like what you're looking for. Have fun catching up and re-connecting.

      1. Yup, the Fairview Inn is such a nice place to have a summer lunch. I love the open ocean view and the food is fairly good. By no means fancy or gourmet but it's good food well prepared.

        1. Definitely do the Fairview -- great pick!

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            I am staying there next week and looking forward to it (my first time stay) will report back on that aspect; but the spot cannot be beat - hoping for good weather! While dinner was not spectacular it was not awful either, and not rushed, a big plus