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Aug 12, 2008 10:28 AM

Vodka Infusions

I wanted to try to make some infused vodka for the first time. I was thinking about something nice for summer, like peach and watermelon. Any suggestions/advice for doing this? I am curious, though. Can I use mason jars, or will the seals be damaged?

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  1. I came across this site while lurking on the Chowhound Spirit forum. They are a bit goofy but they have lots of recipies and document their processes and results well.

    1. We did watermelon and lime a few weeks ago. We went through a bottle's worth very's very smooth right out of the freezer and nothing like that horrible jolly rancher-like watermelon vodka you get elsewhere. It takes about a half a watermelon for a 375 mL bottle and we let it sit for about a week before straining it out.

      Some of the other successful infusions with have done in the past have been Torocco oranges and blackberries. You have to smash the berries a little bit in order for the vodka to infuse so that one is going to have a distinct color. Make sure you strain that one through a coffee filter first!

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        Now, should I use the whole fruit, or just the watermelon rind?

      2. Some of my favorites are; White peach and Raspberry, Pineapple/vanilla, black cherry and spice(cardamam,cinnnaon and a little allspice) lime peel, ginger and lemongrass. Blueberry,(the berries need to be slightly muddled) The variations are limited only by your imagination and testing.Mason jar lids will start to corrode after a while. I use sun tea jars.

        1. got inspired and went home and started a new infusion. Ripe tomatoes fresh basil and a little fresh tarragon. I'll report back when it's done.

          1. I'm a big fan of cranberries with orange peel & a vanilla bean (or half a vanilla bean). I also like rosemary and lemon rind, but since I'm a gin drinker that probably makes sense...

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              Infused vodka it imperative that the infusion sit in glass jars? Why not a sealed tuperware container? I've made pineapple infusions this way and I'm wondering if there is a taste difference. I'm planning on starting a cranberry infusion for gifts and want to know if I need to go mason jar hunting.....

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                The possible problem you could have with plastic containers is that plastic will absorb food flavors and smells, in particular fats. Then your infusion could pick up these off flavors/smells.

                Glass on the other hand doesn't absorb anything so you don't run this risk.