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Aug 12, 2008 10:23 AM

Branford, CT

What would be the best choice for a restaurant in Branford? Assaggio? Brunello's? Foe? etc.

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  1. well-- based on what criteria? They are all nice but quite different. Why don't you tell us what you are looking for?

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      Umm... a birthday dinner consisting of 4 adults. Looking for a nice restaurant (good food, decor, serive etc). Either American or Italian cuisine. Price isn't too much of an issue because it's a special occasion, but not overly fancy like jacket preferred. Something business or smart casual.

      1. re: Dan06492

        I would suggest Assagio - I've always had an outstanding meal and service there. I also like Campania Ristorante, food is very good, perhaps a little less fancy than Assagio. As to Brunello's, I haven't eaten there yet - I did eat there before when it was Tenderloin's (same management) and it was very good.

        1. re: Shoreliner

          Another suggestion would be Le Petit (open Wed. thru Sun. I believe).

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          In that case I would go for either Assagio or Le Petite Cafe, LPC is my personal fave!
          Have had less than stellar service at Brunello.

          1. re: madisoneats

            I had great service at Brunellos and a delicous meal several times. LPC is great too! but I favor Italian.

      2. Not Italian, but Le Petit Cafe is really good.

          1. Le Petit Cafe is reliably excellent (though I must say the fries that come with the outstanding strip steak are no longer celestial, as they once were). Roy does not change his menu much, but unless you've been there a lot lately you'll be happy with what he has.
            Foe is also very good: I've eaten there several times in recent months since they moved. The one thing I've not been happy with is the "roasted oysters" which the chef seems to feel is a specialty. Other things have been very good. There is generally at least one fish special, and those have been consistently creative, tasty, and extremely well prepared.

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              As to Foe, the "roasted osyters" are only fair and terribly overpriced. Other than that Foe is a good middle of the road choice. Le Petit is the winner in Branford!!

            2. Lakeview tavern in Branford is great for the lobster ravioli. Ask for the bread (they probably give it to you anyway but I always ask). The bread is awesome- toasted just a bit, warm, and fresh, and plenty of thawed butter served on the side. And the ravioli is as good if not better than anywhere else, and with a drink you're out the door for 20 bucks.

              My other favorites there are the ny strip, and the wraps for lunch/bar food.

              Incidentally, they serve the full menu on fri and sat til midnight. And they put out free wings and othr stuff 5-7 m-f for happy hour.

              For seafood I go to Chowder pot or sandpiper located in East Haven. I usually catch and make my own soft shell crab but in slow years like this past one I opt for one of these places for that.

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                Hello, Does anyone know what happened to Brunnelo's ? I loved it, the service was spectacular, Poalo, Mike and Lisa, they were the best in the area!
                Let me know!

                1. re: Charles222

                  It is my understanding that the owner, who also owns Goodfella's in New Haven, just could not manage both restaurants. Apparently, he spent little time there and pretty much let it run into the ground. I would guess that because Goodfella's is larger, he generated more revenue from that venue.

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                      My sources (very dependable sources!) tell me that it's a permanent vacation!