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Aug 12, 2008 10:14 AM

Ethnic (food) for single dining/lunch in Paris

Will be in Paris in a few weeks, single, willing, francophone and adventurous.

Was looking for some good suggestion concerning ethnic food, North African and/or South-East Asian.

I know that for most of these places, it's a lot more fun to go with groups, and that for a single person, ordering a couscous can be a bit too much or impracticable.

I will have a look at the asian "quarter" in the 13ème Arrondissement; as well as around Rue de Belleville and Ménilmontant; and I think around "La Villette"

I will also go to St-Denis for a quick visit at the Cathédrale, anything around there for lunch ?



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    1. In Chinatown (13th), there are many great places. Let me mention Pho 14 (av de Choisy @ Tolbiac) for hyper cheap delicious Pho soups, Asia Palace at Les Olympiades (upstairs from av. de Vitry, inside the Mall) for roast meat and dim sums, (a bit more expensive, say 40eur pp for a huge meal), Solia on av. de Choisy, open late and multi-ethnic (they do thai, viet and Chinese quite well: delicious Bo Bun, rice in pineapple, pleasant dim sums). Slightly out of the way and more uncommon, in the rue de la Colonie is a good Northern Chinese restaurant, specialties from Shuangdong, highly recommended.

      For couscous, especially for one, I only have one recommendation: Wally le Saharien rue Rodier. Though actually, there's also le 404 and le Village Kabyle, less expensive and more traditional. But Wally really is a great gastronomic experience.

      In Belleville le President is quite spectacular and good, and there is a very renowned vietnamese restaurant up the rue de Belleville but I can't remember the name or exact place.

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        Wally is just next to my hotel; will have a look.

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          I agree that you can't go wrong with Pho 14 -- I just ate there and loved the pho, as well as the prices. I posted some pix on my blog (

          I haven't fully checked out all couscous options, though I recently visited Chez Omar and found it fine but a little overpriced. Actually, my neighborhood café does great couscous on Thurs/Fri/Sundays for lunch (only). The owner is from Tunisia and the couscous really is quite delicious and reasonable (chicken couscous came with 1/2 a chicken, merguez and all the other fixin's all for 11E!). Lots of solo diners here, as well. If you miss the couscous, they offer an 11E lunch menu M-F -- 1 entrée + 1 plat, or plat + dessert, AND 1/4 of wine for 11E, which surely has to be the bargain of the 6ème.

          Le Tourne Bouchon
          71 boulevard Raspail 75006
          01 45 44 15 50

      2. Kunitoraya on Rue St. Anne in the 1st or the 2nd for udon. Especially the duck curry udon, which is filling, relatively cheap, and very good.

        1. there's a great vietnamese place in the 11th on R.L. Bonnet (just down the street from the belleville metro stop) - i can't remember the name, but it's on a corner about a block down from blvd de belleville (i just looked at the map, and it looks like the cross-street is rue de la presentation) - if you are walking down the street from belleville, it is on the left, just past the vietnamese sandwich shop. it's fairly large - apparently they were so popular that they expanded into the building next door as well.