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Aug 12, 2008 10:06 AM

Breakfast in Delco

I will be in Springfield coming from the city. I am looking for a good breakfast place. I mostly enjoy diners, but am up for anything. No chains!!!

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  1. I have been to the places listed below for good lunches and dinners, and I know they also serve breakfast. Not having had breakfast at these places, I'm not qualified to opine on that meal, but I can at least let you know they exist:

    The Coffee Station in Morton, 1 Kedron Ave # F. Its right next to the Morton Septa train station, off of Baltimore Pike.
    The Countryside Market and Deli, 514 Yale Avenue, Swarthmore. Near Swarthmore College.
    Court Diner, 104 E Baltimore Avenue, Media PA.
    There are probably a few other places in Media that would fit the bill, like Mrs. Marty's Deli on State Street, in the former location of the Trolley Stop, I think.

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      I've been to Coffee Station (great breakfast, live music on Sundays, spotty service). Countryside Market does a wonderful brunch. I also like the Koffee Korner in Media, a block up from State St on Jackson. Java Joe's is in Folsom on Fairview, just up from MacDade. They're awesome!