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Aug 12, 2008 09:47 AM

Manhattan Restaurant with the best desserts/pastry chef

I am in town and have a few more big dinners in my plans, but have not decided where to go. I am a pastry chef and want to go somewhere with amazing desserts. I know about P*ong, Tailor, Wd-50 but would like a few other suggestions. What pasty chef or restaurant is doing the best or most interesting desserts?

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  1. What about Johnny Iuzzini of Jean-Georges? And L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon has some interesting desserts.

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      Miss Needle we went to Robuchon last night. My almond souffle with cherries and foam (my description doesn't do it justice) was perfection. Next to Falai, the best souffle I have ever had. My friend wasn't as impressed with her dessert (which was one of the top 2 our server suggested). It was a coffee ice cream (she did not get the crumble). Again, my description is not as good as Robuchon's. The last time I went to Robuchon all their desserts were sorbets. My favorite dessert place remains Falai. Last weekend we went just for dessert and sat at the counter. For something off the beaten path try the Dessert Truck at 3rd Avenue and St. Marks Place. Like Falai, the owner is a former Le Cirque pastry chef.

    2. I was wowed by the desserts at Tocqueville. I was there last fall.

      1. I was very impressed with the desserts at Gordon Ramsey at the London.
        I was also surprisingly disappointed with the desserts from Jean George. I know that Johnny Iuzzini is an amazing pasty chef but I was there recently,I had the Summer tasting menu and my husband had the regular tasting menu. Each of us picked a different dessert option including 4 desserts each. I had the citrus, he had the cherry. I tried all eight and not one was memorable. Honestly I was not impressed. The best part were the marshmallows. And I LOVE dessert. It is the best part of the meal IMO.

        1. Dessert-only restaurants/bars: Chikalicious, Will Golfarb's Dessert Studio at Michael Cluizel.

          Restaurants with good pastry programs: Le Bernadin, Babbo, Gramercy Tavern, Craft (although their pastry chef left recently).

          1. Love L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon's desserts. I think I posted quite a few times how I think they served the best desserts in the city (of course only comparing to the places that I have visited). They really need to bring that Le Sucre back.

            My favorite pastry chef (not the molecular gas. type like Sam Mason) is Nicole Kaplan. When she was at EMP, she wow'ed me. When she moved to Del Posto, she wow'ed me even more. Now she is the pastry chef at The Plaza Hotel

            I agree that the "egg" dessert at Le Bernardin is very addictive. However, other desserts seem less impressive.

            I also consider Cafe Boulud's desserts among the very best in town.

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              To follow up, I ended up at The Modern. The food and atmosphere were great, but I was blown away by the desserts. Marc Aumont is doing a fantastic job over there.

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                  The fig tart with olive oil ice cream, the lemon napoleon, the milk chocolate-hazelnut dacquoise. All were really fantastic.

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                    that dacquoise really is delicious