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Aug 12, 2008 09:46 AM

Roticeria Cancun Dos on Sunday

Our usual 3 plus new-to-the group-hound, Cassis, met for lunch this past Sunday at Cancun Dos near Central Sq. in Eastie. Pleasant, open to the street place, playing Latin selections. We ordered apps of pork & cheese papusa, chorizo gordita, chicken gordita, tongue taco, chicken tamale and fried yucca & chiccharon which covered our table. My favorites were the gorditas, especially the chorizo, which I could eat for breakfast every morning. They were heaped with tomatoes, cukes, generous fresh avocado cubes, greens, etc. The tongue taco was my next favorite. Don't remember which dishes had the whole radish accompanyment, but I sliced these up for everyone to add. Many of our choices were served w/little cups of a mild orange-colored sauce, but there was a bottle of hot sauce on the table to spice things up. P&C papusa, to me, was meh & I was the one who asked to order it - too heavy & not that much flavor. A miss for us was the fried yucca & chiccharon that we felt was dry & undercooked - nothing like the crispy on the outside, soft on the inside order we had at Rincon Limeno. I found the chiccharon almost teeth shattering. Our waitress was lovely. A grande bill of $16 including t&t & we were full and glad we'd held off on initially ordering more. After, we walked around the area looking in at Topacio, El Buen Gusto, Rincon Limeno, etc. and ended up at Spinelli's for coffee, where we were joined by hound, Bearzie, who was out & about for a stroll. Another happy weekend adventure in eating.

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  1. Roticeria Cancun delivered honest, straight-forward good food at incredible value. The chorizo gordita was especially juicy and meaty, while the tongue taco was a bit dry. The fried yucca while starchy is perhaps meant to accompany a stew. East Boston was new to me, and with so many options for food adventures in such an attractive neighborhood setting, I will be back. It was also great to meet some real hounds--thank you for welcoming me into the pack!

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      Cassis, happy to have you. Forgot to add that while we were there, our waitress was carving out fresh mango slices and packaging them into ziplocks w/chili sauce & ?cinnamon & set out on a table out front for folks to buy. Fredi bought a bag and could probably better describe. I was too full.

      1. re: Taralli

        I'm not sure what she added - when I asked, sounded like it began with an a.... - and looked like pepper - was savory flavored, but not as sharp as pepper...Anyone else have ideas of what might traditionally be offered with fresh mango?

        1. re: fredid

          Could be achiote or some pre-made achiote mix with peppers (probably not recado rojo/sazon/etc because that has garlic, etc), lime, etc. This kind of thing doesn't usually have an official recipe, but achiote fits your description and would not be unusual as a coloring and flavoring item.