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Aug 12, 2008 09:39 AM

Near Boston Convention & Exhibition Ctr: Catering & Client dinners

In search of 2 things:
A nice restaurant near (or not a far cab ride from) the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. Will be taking an important client to dinner(s). Keywords: "typical" or unique to Boston, mid-priced (higher OK), good wine list, can be either trendy or traditional. Good food and atmosphere is the most important.


We will be working long hours in the convention center and not allowed to leave the hall after 5pm (security reasons) on some nights. So we will be required to have dinners brought in to feed us and the labor crew. Total of about 20 people. Anyone know of a reasonably priced restaurants in the area that have the capability to deliver the volume? Would like several suggestions so we can try and have a varity of foods and not a pan of baked ziti EVERY night. (not that there is anything wrong with that)


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  1. Meritage at Rowe's Wharf is a good candidate for your first request. Right across the bridge into Boston (less than a mile away), fabulous food, good atmosphere, perfect for important clients, pretty steep.

    1. Not much assistance here, yet, but I've gotten outside recommendations for Italian places in the North End. If I had to choose between Fiore & Daily Catch, which one should I go with?

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        Well, I just read the reviews on here for Fiore. Not so good.

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          I dislike Fiore, but I've taken clients there and they've liked it. Daily Catch is much more casual, but has better seafood.

      2. The classic place for an important client dinner is Locke-Ober. Classic Boston in a terrific setting. Expensive but worth it. Make sure a get a table in the main dining room on the first floor.

        One added note: resist any temptation to eat at trhe Westin Hotel next door. I have been subjected to several meetings there and it was just plain dreadful.

        3 Winter Place, Boston, MA 02108