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Aug 12, 2008 08:48 AM

Help in K.C.

Arrive 8/22. In town for four nights. Veterinary conference at some convention center. Near the Plaza?. Anyway, and I apologize in advance for what I'm about to do to my fellow K.C. chowhounds. My wife and I were there maybe five years ago and ate at this great French restaurant that I found by accident. It wasn't in the CBD or anything. I recall(Ithink) that it was located on a corner, Green? shutters on the windows. As you walk in the bar is to the left and they had a good list of cognac and armagnac. Now you know why I apologized in advance. Any idea on the name of this place?

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  1. Green with shutters on the windows and the bar description sounds like Le Fou Frog on 5th street, in the River Market. They have a great cognac and armagnac list, too!

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    1. re: zataar

      thanks zataar but no Le Fou Frog isn't it. I looked at pictures on line and unless they totally remodeled...and besides, even after enjoying several armagnac's, I think I would remember the name Le Fou Frog.

      1. re: hoppy2468

        You're right! The windows and shutters are green, but not the building at Le Fou Frog. Kansas City is hardly a mecca for French Food. There is Aixois at 55th and Brookside, but it doesn't fit your description. Tatsu is in Prairie Village and Cafe des Amis is in Parkville. I can't think of anyother French place that would have been here around 5 years ago. You have me stumped!

    2. I thought for sure it was Le Fou Frog as well, then I remembered that the bar was on the right. It's an excellent restaurant, though, so if we can't remember the one you want, it is a good standby.

      Maybe Bluestem? It's not really a French restaurant, just "high-end" cuisine. Excellent bar menu. Bar on the left. Green. Shutters on windows. On a corner. Again, you can't go wrong eating there, even if that's not the spot.

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      1. re: heatherkay

        Good guess, heatherkay! I bet you're right! You are correct about the bar in Le Fou Frog being on the the right when you enter. I'm getting my bars confused!

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          I bet you're correct, heatherkay. Bluestem fits everything but the French part.
          And you are so correct about Le Fou Frog's bar being on the right when entering. I'm getting my bars confused!

        2. I agree it sounds most like the Frog. Here's another slight possibility...could it have been Joe D's in Brookside? It's on a corner, bar on right and at that time the chef was probably French. Don't know about the shutters, but inside art is French posters, like Willi's Wine Bar.