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Aug 12, 2008 08:16 AM

Lobster roll in the Berkshires?

Is there anywhere in the Berkshires to find a great lobster roll? Visitors from the west coast, thinking we're not THAT far from the other coast, want to try the regional specialty. We're not lobster fans ourselves & don't have a clue. We're in Lenox so central & southern Berkshire is preferable.

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  1. I have never tried it, but my wife and kids love the lobster roll at Pearl's in Great Barrington.

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      There's also good lobster rolls at the 1896 house in Williamstown, but sounds like that might be too far afield for you...

    2. As a lobster lover in Lenox myself, I can tell you --- the best way to experience it is to make it yourself. (And I'll only do that on the rare occasions when prices are at a reasonable level.) What your guests are probably imagining is the Lobster Experience: the little shack on the water, sun shining, gentle breeze, corn and clams to accompany that great lobster roll dripping with butter ---- This is, alas, not a regional specialty of the Berkshires! I'm sure they're thinking of what one finds on the Maine coast, or in MA, RI, Noank, Ct. etc. I haven't tried the lobster roll at Pearl's myself, and it may well be good. But it's hardly the Lobster Experience ambiance. They need to go a few more hours further east ----

      1. I know that this will sound strange, but "Stop and Shop" in Lenox and Pittsfield, makes a real nice lobster roll. It's packed with lots of lobster meat, no lettuce, and mayo. Normally, they cost around $6.99 each, but on special they're around $4.99.

        1. I have to agree with the Tsarina's response. As to the rolls done at the local supermarkets, they buy the "lobster salad" product commercially, so it's nothing like you'd find in at a lobster pound or any seacoast dive in Maine, or even on the Mass. coast. Alas, around here 2.5 hours from the shore means no fresh seafood.

          1. In the land-locked Berkshire's you're not going to find anything nearly as good as you can make yourself. Unless you and your guests are going to schlep East or down to L.I. Sound. Follow this recipe, video included, from the great Jasper White exactly and your left-coast guests will be in Lobstah Nirvana.

            To simplify matters, if you can, have your fishmonger steam or boil the lobsters for you. He might even crack them for you if you ask real nice. In any event, you'll want to dispose of the shells quickly as they can definitely add an unwanted "perfume" to humble abode. Seal the shells tightly in a plastic bag, If you can't dispose of the shells immediately toss said same bag in the freezer!

            A couple of more point: stick with Heilman's. Don't try to substitute with creme fraiche, Cain's mayo and most definitely not, for godsakes, Miracle Whip! They're all too sweet. Also, use nothing but Pepperidge Farms or Nissen split-top style hotdog rolls. My labored explanation belies how easy this is to prepared done once..