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Aug 12, 2008 08:10 AM

Albany/Saratoga Springs dining.

I am going to the races in Saratoga Springs with three friends. We are staying in Clifton Park, New York. We are looking for good steak and Italian restaurants in the area north of Albany along route 87 into the city of Saratoga Springs. We also enjoy quality American food, sports bars and pubs. We will be staying on a Saturday and Sunday night. Thanks for your help.

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    1. Cliffs, on Saratoga Lake, is a sports bar with really good steaks. The rest of the food is pretty mediocre, but it's a friendly, local spot.

      1. You might also want to look at this thread on Saratoga

        1. Check out For American - Bloomers and Beekman Street Bistro.

          1. Might try the Rusty Nail on Rt. 9 for good pub food and some of the best wings IMHO. To get there from 87 No., take Exit 9, make a right and then turn left onto Rt. 9. It's about a mile or so up the road on the right.