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Indian in Pasadena

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I will be in Pasadena for a day and would like to have a good indian meal/buffet I have heard good things about All India Cafe and Radhika's Cuisine of India. What do the LA chowhouds recommend in the Pasadena area? I will be with clients so I would prefer a menu with vegetarian and non-vegetarian items available.



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  1. Radhika's!! Best Indian I've had in Pasadena :) LOVE that place. Their tandoori has so much flavor.

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      I agree. Radhika is a superior Indian restaurant with a good atmosphere and very attentive staff.

    2. Try Sahara for middle eastern/lebanese......
      On Colorado East of PCC South side of street.....
      Many lamb, beef, chicken dishes as well as vegetarian choices.......
      Clean family run place.....
      Meat is cooked over wood coals.....
      Very good falafels....
      Easy parking unlike the old town area....

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        Caitlin Wheeler

        I would go with All India, though they don't have a buffet. Got my non-ethnic eating dad into Indian food. Their tikka masala is excellent, and it's a very pleasant space.

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          I second All India Cafe. They have a great selection of vegetarian items, and I think the food is better there than Rhadika's, although the atmosphere at Rhadika's is a bit more formal, if that's an important consideration.

        2. Looks like either All India or Radhika's would be a good bet. I'll probably end up at Radhika's, as there is a buffet for the folks not familiar with Indian food.


          1. It's probably too late, but East India Grill (or something like that) on the second floor on Colorado just east of Lake is my favorite. And you can eat with a nice view of the street happenings below.

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              I believe that's New Delhi Palace, which IMO is the best Pasadena choice for Indian.

            2. Went to All India Cafe tonight.

              Their somosas were delicious. They also came with a little cup of tamarind chutney. The chutney was sweet and very flavorful. The somosas were crispy on the outside and the potato/pea/herb filling was hot and slightly spicy.

              Ordered their Baingan Bharta - it's described as "a puree of tandoori baked eggplant sauteed with onions, fresh tomatoes, ginger, and green chili." What we got seemed more like a a dish of overcooked onions. They were slightly sweet and mildly spiced, but I couldn't see or taste any eggplant.

              The chicken tikka masala was also slightly bland. It's also the most watery chicken tikka masala I've ever had.

              The naan was decent. But not good enough to make up for the so-so entrees.

              Other than the somosas, dinner was forgettable. Or maybe we ordered the wrong things.

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                I went to All India Cafe Thursday night last week, reminded that many CHers think highly of this place, but wishing I could go to Little India. That strange bengan bharta, you are right, it was mostly onions, barely if any eggplant, almost no tomato for sure also, a nice, edible but not very spicy or interesting dish, and nothing like what I've had at several dozen other Indian places over the years.

                Ironically we also got a "treat" entree like you, the chk tikka masala, but ours was really good and not watery at all. The vegetable pakoras were simply horrid though, I wonder if they were prefab frozen honestly, they were flat round disks of bleh. And we forgot to say we wanted it spicy (we are used to either going places that know us, or being asked), so everything was very mild by our own standards.

                This is my 3rd hopeful attempt at giving them a shot.

                I would definitely not take clients there because of the layout and service issues. The bus staff and food runners are really rushed, (I felt wind every few minutes sitting near the entrance to the kitchen) and one managed to drop the tomato chutney all over the guy sitting at the next table. He was a bit loud and angry but -- the person that spilled it all over him did not say one single word, and no one came over to try and help or anything. Everyone looked scared and ran off! He finally stood up and yelled that he needed to talk to the manager. It was an honest mistake, but an apology sure would have been nice!!! Maybe the offer of a napkin? (And me, personally, I have no interest in that tomato chutney, it tastes like ketchup almost.)

              2. we've found the food at RADHIKA'S a bit flavorless. the food at AKBAR always leaves something to be desired. NEW DEHLI or ALL INDIA is the way to go in pasadena, but it's no where near the best in the LA-area.

                1. i don't get the akbar haters. i love it. though, i'll admit it all depends on what you order. akbar has a small dining room.

                  all india is hit and miss. some dishes are really tasty, some not. the staff is a little cold.

                  radhika's has a nice dining room and very friendly staff. the food is above average.

                  new delhi palace is atrocious. sub standard and not very fresh. and it's always packed. go figure.

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                    maybe i should try akbars again. i've only been like 1-2 times, not sure. radhikas seems okay, but i do wish they either heated the plates or served in something that stays hot, we are slow eaters. i agree on new delhi palace, i've been 2 times with both times pretty lousy.

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                      my indian friends introduced me to NEW DELHI. they mostly eat at home, but when they're not they eat there in pasadena. they also cater parties from NEW DELHI. it's not my favorite in L.A., but according to friends in the know and to many trips to all parts of India, it's the most authentic.

                  2. my indian boss LOVES NDP. my only gripe is that othey often use frozen veggies but otherwise the food is very tasty. i also thought all india was pretty bland. i had to ask for chili- go figure!