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Aug 12, 2008 08:04 AM

allen & delancey

going here in few days.. what it the best dish to get?

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  1. havent been since the spring but the sweetbread raviolo or the rabbit terrine to start were both excellent. for entree, if its yr first time, you should get the cabbage beef and excellent dish in my opinion. otherwise, the lamb chop and neck were great. french toast for dessert if i remember correctly.

    more of a winter-y menu but delicious nonetheless.

    1. I'd recommend the bone marrow. Their menu actually has a list of signature dishes -- I would start there.

      1. Got a last minute dinner reservation for Saturday night a weekend ago. Stepped in around 6-ish -- it was a little bit of a shock go to from bright light outside to the very dim restaurant. The bar looked gorgeous and the dining room decor was very cozy -- hipster library/study meets British country home, perhaps? There were only a few parties seated before us. Our eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness of the room, although it seemed a little more geared towards fall/winter. (I would love to dine there in a snowstorm.)

        We started off at the banquette, where the majority of two tops are but it was quite chilly. Their AC vent is right above, and the server explained that there was no thermostat, so it's constantly going off and on, off and on. We asked to be moved, but they could only offer us the two-top furthest away. I was still chilly at the end of our meal by the time desserts arrived. I wished I'd brought a cardigan or something. Even covering my arms with my fiance's sportcoat wasn't enough, as I was in a sleeveless dress with sandals (my poor cold toes). The back room seemed far more comfortable.

        Warm bread service was great, though. We eat had a freshly baked ham roll, hot from the oven, and the high quality butter just melted into the roll. I could probably have eaten two more of these rolls! Yum.

        We split an appetizer: seared foie gras with Greenmarket plums. Delicious, heavy, and wonderful. The slight tartness of the plums contrasted very well with the unctuous liver as well as the crunchy nut bits on top.

        For entrees, my fiance's monkfish was of high quality and a nice portion, and perfectly cooked, but not all that exciting. Then again, it probably wasn't the best segue from appetizer (foie) to entree (fish). In contrast, my veal cannelloni seemed to fit well with the rich and heavy theme. The portion seemed giant in comparison to the monkfish and I wasn't sure I could eat it all. Two cannelloni, on a bed of vegetable puree (potato and/or cauliflower I believe), veal jus (quite tasty and tied the whole thing together), and a side of sweetbreads. The sweetbreads were buttery and rich but a bit too salty taken on their own. I could only eat them with a mouthful of vegetable puree. The veal cannelloni were delicious and stuffed with beautiful tiny mushrooms, and finely shredded veal but the meat itself was underseasoned. Things perked up when I soaked the meat in the lovely jus, though. However, the cannelloni were nearly impossible to eat without making a mess, as the knife I'd been given was too dull to cut through the pasta. Not that I didn't enjoy my entree, but it was a bit funny to watch the carefully plated items unravel under my knife.

        Desserts were excellent. I loved my chocolate peanut butter tart, whole milk sorbet, and whiskey milkshake. The chocolate peanut butter tart is a little bit of a misnomer, as it was really peanut butter filling in a tart whose shell was chocolatey. I could have done with a bit more chocolate but I'm more of a chocolate lover than a peanut butter lover. My fiance's Cashew "Snickers" was great, a haute take on the candy bar with caramel and nougat, and I liked the touch of the honey-stout ice cream and adorable pudding pop. Some might find a dessert with so many components irritating but the elements came together nicely and I was pleasantly surprised overall. And the house made caramels that came with the check were a nice touch.

        The food was quite nice although a little over priced: over $140 for a glass of white wine, an appetizer, two entrees, and two desserts, including tax and tip. I would go back if given the chance, but I'm not rushing there by any means.

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          This sounds a lot like my experience. The food was fantastic, but I was freezing! Even stranger than entering such a dark room is leaving while it's still light outside. I would definitely go back to sit at the bar for a special occasion drink and appetizer.

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            Very interesting review (I've been wanting to try A & D).

            What exactly is a ham roll?

            1. re: BW212

              I see that other reviews refer to it as a bacon roll -- essentially it was a dinner roll with a very subtle porkiness to it. I imagine that they must add pork fat into the bread itself because I couldn't find any ham or bacon pieces. It's fluffy, salty (there is some salt already on top of the roll), and delicious. Honestly, the bread there was one of the highlights of the meal.