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Aug 12, 2008 08:02 AM

Dinner in Atlantic City for Bachelorette

About 7 girls are heading out to Atlantic City for a bachelorette weekend in January (I know so cold). We will do a pre-show dinner on a Saturday night and of course I come to my Chowhounders for some good advice. Any place you can suggest? We are looking for something reasonable (15-25 entrees) and perhaps fun? Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Buddakan in Philly was a great choice for a recent girls' weekend away. They encourage "family style" ordering so you get to sample a lot of items.

    1. The Tropicana has a great restaurant area in it. I am a fan of Cuba Libre and Carmine's, what hotel/casino will you be staying at? Do you have a preference for type of food?

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        We will be staying at Harrah's and most will take a bus there so good chance we will not have a car. But we could always take a cab. As for preference, we love seafood and "American" food- but are willing to try anything that is recommended here. We will be wearing cocktail dresses that night and we'd like to be confortable in them wherever we are.

      2. Zena - Sounds like fun! I like the Steakhouse at Harrah's, which is the perect spot to start if you're going to head down to the Pool at Harrah's afterwards -- it's a club set up around a pool (it works -- trust me). Or you could take a short cab ride over to the Borgata and eat at one of their many many restaurants -- then follow that up by a trip to the Gypsy Bar, mixx or mur.mur (the Borgata's in-house clubs).

        If you do want to take a cab over to the Boardwalk area, you could have a lovely dinner at Sonsie in the Pier at Caesar's, or, as MattinNJ suggested, Cuba Libre or Carmine's in the Tropicana. I was at Adam Good Sports Bar on Saturday -- also at the Trop -- and saw about 5 bachelorette parties there.

        I wrote a book about the Jersey shore area (, and I'm planning a bachelorette party in Atlantic City for my future sister-in-law, so feel free to ask me anything more specific.

        Good luck!

        Jen A. Miller

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          I had my bachelorette party in AC with about 25 girls! Boy did we have a BLAST! We had dinner at Carmines at a recomendation of one of my bridesmaids because she went there for a different bachelorette party months ago. It was awsome-I think the men servers secretly love it when us girls come in and celbrate one girls last night of freedom:) THe food was fantastic and the wine was perfect to kick off our night. I highly recomend Carmines for a big group of girls because it is family sytle- so we all shared, but didnt overindulge which was good because we went out dancing!

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            Carmine's certainly is something we will keep in mind! Sounds like a great time!

            MrsDewey, where did you all go dancing, stay etc? Any tips?