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Aug 12, 2008 08:02 AM

Alton Brown's mac and cheese

I would like to try Alton's stove-top mac and cheese. Since it is all made in a pot on the stove, I am wondering how (if?) I can make it in advance? After it is done should I transfer the casserole to a dish and refrigerate it? Then how would I re-heat it? I can't see leaving it in a pot in the refrigerator overnight, and if I did, would I just re-heat it on the stove the next day?
Has anyone done this in advance?
Thanks for any thoughts.

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  1. Love this mac and cheese, both the stovetop and regular baked versions. You could refrigerate it and then reheat in the microwave, but Alton also suggests cutting the cold mac into squares and then pan frying them - so good.

    Hope this helps.

    1. My kids like this recipe, so I've made it dozens of times. The sauce in this recipe sets up pretty firm toward the end of the cooking process, and refrigeration makes it quite solid. So reheating it in the cooking pan would likely scorch the bottom.

      You can make it in advance and reheat it in the microwave; we do it with leftovers all the time. And there's no reason you couldn't reheat it in the oven. But the texture of the noodles is optimal right when it comes off the stove.

      Is there a compelling reason that you need to make this dish ahead of time? It's so quick and easy (less than 15 minutes once the water's boiling) that advance preparation doesn't seem to offer much benefit.

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        Same here. My kid thinks this is her favorite mac n cheese. It takes very well to additions like roasted tomatoes or peppers. I prefer a baked bechamel-based version myself but the Alton Brown stovetop version is dead simple and seems to be a real kid pleaser.

        We had no trouble at all reheating the leftover mac "cubes" in the microwave. Since this version does set up very firm I would only do it in the microwave to retain the moisture.

      2. Microwave.
        Perhaps even add a bit of water to it.