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Food shopping at TJ Maxx/Home Goods

Lately, I've been able to find some good deals on items like DL Jardines salsa. I've seen them at Williams-Sonoma for $7-$8 a jar, but TJ and HG sell them for $3.99, and they are excellent, especially their raspberry and pineapple flavors. I've also noticed that Stonewall Kitchen items occasionally make an appearance there, and Martha Stewart cake mixes are now coming in - could that be because she switched from Kmart to Walmart (that's a travesty for another post)?

Anyone else have favorite brands that they buy discounted at TJ or HG that I should try? Jams, pasta sauces, teas, etc?

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  1. The brands are hit or miss. Look for "ingredients" instead. Such as 100% pure maple syrup or Madagascar Vanilla bean pods. This is how I've always found value at these two stores....and stay away from things that have questionable shelf life, unless you like to use biscottie as a door stop.

    1. Keep in mind that these are usually trade show samples bought at the end of a show, and may not have been kept very well. Look closely if it's something that would be affected by extreme heat or cold in storage, becasue no one cares about that stuff afterward!

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        Totally agree, I looked at a few things last winter, lot of jars had been opened and resealed. Eh!, I'll pass.

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          Well, that;s pretty easy to tell. I do buy some (I'm a sucker for Sherry vinager), but I would be wary of things like coffee and olive oil, not to mention cookies, crackers and chocolate...YMMV...

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            Trust me,that was the doings of customers.They will open packages of candy and that kind of stuff.We find it all the time.I know because I work at TJMAXX in Selma,tx in The Forum at Olympia Hills.Any food stuffs that have been opened we mark them out in a book we have, and then these items are thrown away.Yes we have a lot of the stuff mentioned. For some reason,we have quite a bit of marshmallow stuff, as well as turkish delight and other things.Christmas is coming soon, so I might buy some of the fancy chocolates we carry.
            Still want to buy some of our real maple syrup.
            We also sell pasta and other things.I'm not a coffee drinker, but the bags of coffee smell good.
            As gallerygirl mentioned, Marshall's Home Goods ,A.J.Wright and several other stores are part of the TJMAXX family.We also have stores in England and Germany.

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              I totally agree about the customers opening stuff, it's just that you can't police that area enough and keep up with it.

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                In the UK, they're called TK Maxx, for some reason...

                If I ever get back to the UK (my company has cut WAY back on travel), does TK Maxx also stock food?

          2. O olive oils and vinegars. Fairly often, there's a variety of flavored O olive oils and different O vinegars as well. They're $6.99 at Homegoods instead of the $12.99 I've seen it for other places. I also get jars of roasted peppers for a lot less than at the supermarket.

            1. The TJ Maxx near me has an interesting selection of hot sauces. I hit that up every so often..

              1. I like the Monin syrups- not cheap at $7 or so, but less expensive than full price. I've been making pomegranate lime rickeys with the pomegranate syrup, and the Mojito syrup is decent when you want a shortcut mojito. They have other syrups that have HFCS but the Monin is cane sugar.

                1. no need to wait for someone to go to Florida to pick you up a cheap gift of coconut patties at the airport -- TJ's always has 'em!

                  Those used to be as exotic as Coors beer. LOL

                  1. I get Walkers shortbread, which are always good to have on hand for snacking or when people come over. Ingredients like spices are also good buys- got a small pot of herbs de provence for 2.99 or so...I also snatch up Stonewall Kitchens jellies when I see them (way cheaper). Also Tj MAxx and Homegoods are good for frivolous items like chocolate covered peppermint stirrers and sprinkles and other little entertaining things.

                    1. I saw a jar of Mexican honey wrapped in burlap at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago and bought it on a whim. It was De Miel brand multifloral and quite possibly the best honey I have ever tasted. We had friends over for dinner and one of them was practically eating it from the jar by the spoonful. Fantastic stuff.

                      1. I always get Harry and David moose munch at TJ's.... YUM

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                          I usually get coffee - blueberry muffin, tiramisu, banana nut bread flavors.

                        2. This reply is slightly off-topic but at Marshall's, I can buy some very good organic dark roasted coffee beans for $4.99 (12 ounces)...I've been loving that coffee...it just says "Organic Bean Coffee" on it...also, found a steal there, a tin of smoked paprika from Spain for $2.99, very good stuff.

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                            Not off-topic at all. Marshalls is owned by TJX, the same corporation that owns TJMaxx and HomeGoods.

                          2. >>Anyone else have favorite brands that they buy discounted at TJ or HG that I should try? Jams, pasta sauces, teas, etc?<<

                            Do remember that there is a reason why TJ Maxx's motto is "Never the same place twice." They may have your favorite product today and not carry it again for 6-8 months, if at all.

                            1. This topic hits home for me. I started a similar one years ago over on Egullet with pics.


                              I'm a sucker for the red clearance sticker. I just got a huge bottle of pure maple syrup for 4.00. I also got some nutmeg for 2.99 and a bottle of honey from Hawaii for 2.00.

                              I really like the Sonoma brand vanilla extract.

                              1. My husband got a gift of lemon curd imported from Scotland; my daughter-in-law had purchased it at TJ Maxx for him. I went on the internet attempting to buy more because it was so delicious over gingerbread, but unfortunately, I was unable to find it. Our nearest TJ Maxx is 75 miles away.

                                1. I know we are talking more about favorite brands, but I have always looked (and drooled) at the food there, but never bought. I am concerned about safety. Where is this stuff coming from? Why is it there? Typically I think of Marshall's/TJ Maxx/etc as being leftovers/overstocks. It's my favorite clothing and shoe store, but I was never too certain about the quality. Does anyone know how reputable these products actually are?

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                                    I always thought of the food at Big Lots the same way. But I recently met a candy/snack vendor who said they sell direct to them. I'm not sure if TJ Maxx/Home Goods works the same way but I'd be surprised if they didn't source some products direct from the vendor. I definitely have seen products at Big Lots at least that are overstock (often with some marketing hook that didn't sell like you'd think, like Shrek Poptarts). I think if you stick with the less perishable products, like syrups and oils, you wouldn't notice much quality degradation even if it is closeouts.

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                                      i think you just have to use common sense. if it looks discolored or iffy, skip it. but i have bought some nice jams and teas there.

                                      same with Big Lots. i have bought some awesome food there. i just stay away from the obviously gross things, like fish sticks that say they are made with "fish parts." *shudder*

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                                        i agree completely w/ jelly71. most of the products carried by HG/TJ's are dry goods or preserves, or oils and vinegars. these are less likely to be harmful than any fast food or even fresh produce you'd buy anywhere else, provided you look carefully to make sure they haven't been opened and check for expiration dates. i love shopping for foodstuffs at these stores and am always finding new exciting values. last trip i found spanish smoked paprika for like 3 bucks and an orange blossom honey from missouri. i also find specialty teas and jams, as well as more gourmet items like caperberries and imported olives.

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                                        I work for a food importer and we are contacted by TJ Maxx from time to time. Many times what they are looking for are products which we are overstocked on and cannot sell before the "best by" date on the package. Most of the products are perfectly fine, but are nearing their expiration date.

                                      3. I consistently buy two of my favorite Melinda's products at TJ Maxx - the XXXTra Hot Habanero Sauce and the Habanero Ketchup. The former is seriously hot and seriously tasty, the latter is only mildly spicy, despite the name, but way better than Hunt's or Heinz (no HFCS either!).

                                        They don't always have them in stock, but since they're products I use gradually, I check whenever I'm there (there's a TJ Maxx a couple of blocks from my house) and pick them up when I find them so there's always a spare in the cupboard.

                                        Both products keep well for years, and the TJ prices are at least a buck or three less than supermarket prices - if you can even find them in the supermarket.

                                        1. Not only food products but they also have amazing deals on cookware and serving pieces. I have bought all-clad there and some beautiful expensive (elsewhere) bowls and platters.