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Aug 12, 2008 07:34 AM

Sports bar - South Shore area

With football season coming up, I'd like to find a sports bar near Quincy/Weymouth/Braintree area that has abundant televisions and good bar food. I've tried Stadium in Southie and The Fours in Quincy Center, but they were not quite right for various reasons. Stadium's service and food were somewhat lacking, and The Fours atmosphere wasn't right - they play music unless the Patriots game is on, and their menu isn't great.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Maybe the Varsity Club in Quincy? I haven't been there, but know people who have, and they say it's a good place to watch football over a beer or two and some pizza.

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      Varsity Club, for all it's cheesiness, is a good option. The food is decent, tons of TVs, the staff have always been good. And, they focus on the game! One of my favorite places to watch a football game is the Alumni. Get a pizza, some beer and kick back and watch the game. That's what everyone around you is focused on as well.

    2. In close to proximity to Quincy, just 10 minutes away, on Savin Hill is CF Donovans which is where I watched most of the games last year.