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Aug 12, 2008 07:14 AM

Sushi Grade Salmon

Any idea where I can buy sushi grade salmon in Toronto? I want to make salmon tartare. We're east end, Leslieville area, maybe T&T? (never been there)


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  1. Here is the odd thing. Whenever I ask for sushi grade salmon I am always directed to the farm raised Atlantic Salmon. One day at Bill's Lobster I asked if I could use the organic Pacific and they gravely shook their heads "no", but couldn't tell me why.

    I'm sorry this isn't very helpful but maybe another hound knows more.

    Cherry Street T & T is awesome, fabulous fresh fish, often still kicking, very clean and they will cut what you need to order.

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      Salmon is a freshwater fish mostly, and freshwater fish has inherently more parasites than saltwater fish. That is why salmon is rarely eaten as sushi in Japan. This can be countered by deep freezing the fish to kill the parasites. Most salmon you purchase has been previously frozen as a result.

      Perhaps the organic salmon is wild and thus never frozen.

      For the best quality, with high prices to match, I would suggest you check out Taro or Sakane-ya.

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        A discussion about parasites in fish has been split to the General Topics board:

        Please keep the discussion here focused on where to buy salmon/fish locally.


      2. I haven't tried their fish yet, but T and T's counter looked fantastic, with no smell.

        There's also a place on Nassau in Kensington that has great looking fish. There's a main counter and a cooler with sushi cuts packaged. I'm sure they'd cut it in front of you if you asked, too. Can't remember the name of the place, but you'll be able to separate it from the others by the lack of smell.

        1. I usually get my salmon from St. Lawrence (if you can get to the Cherry St. T&T, then St. Lawrence is pretty close-by). Other options I have tried are T&T (you would have to get their sliced sashimi and dice them up yourself – so you pay a premium for the prepared sashimi - but they are cheap to begin with), or you can try Diana’s seafood. They have organic salmon, which they state is sushi grade. I still find St. Lawrence to have the tastiest fish – I frequent Seafront, or Mike’s Seafood while I am there. I find that T&T sometimes has a strangely textured sashimi, so you just have to keep your nose open and your senses hightened before buying. Usually they are okay though. I made my tartare using T&T and it tasted great. I was impressed that I tried buying from one T&T store and they actually refused to sell me their fish because they said it was not fresh that day.

          Homemade tartare using T&T salmon:

          1. Definitely T&T. There's a sign at the sushi counter that says they sell sushi grade salmon by the pound. $16 per pound. Half pound minimum.

            1. Thanks everyone! We had salmon tartare at a French restaurant in Montreal last October, and I've been craving it lately. It was featured on a cooking show the other day (French Food at Home) and it seems I should be able to make it. Thanks again.