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Aug 12, 2008 07:13 AM

Espresso in Honolulu??

Please don't tell me I have to bring an espresso machine with me -- anyone know of a great place for espresso?


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  1. Honolulu Coffee Co. Great espresso. I've not had anything good anywhere else.

    1. I've often enjoyed the espresso +/or Americano at Mocha Java in Ward Center. On the Windward side Kailua has Morning Brew. Oh, and in Kaimuki is Town they serve illy
      coffee and make a mean espresso, they're open from breakfast on.

      1. the best espresso on island, imo, is Glaziers Coffee, on King street east of University. the owner, Sam, really cares about making good coffee and has styled the place on the best coffee places he knew when he lived in Seattle.

        He will even make nice shapes with the foam atop your espresso or capuccino. Worth a try.

        Also, there is a great coffee shop in the North Shore, the name escapes me.

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