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Aug 12, 2008 06:39 AM

Looking for Saturday night seafood REQ - Roy's?


Ill be in NY (midtown Manhattan)this Thursday through sunday and pretty much have all our meals planned already. For saturday night we wanted a decent but not too expensive seafood restaurant.
Right now we have reservations at Roy's. We wanted a place that just wasn't seafood but makes dishes a little different or with a different twist.

Is Roy's a good choice to stick with? Any other place i should look into and can i get a reservation for this saturday there.


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  1. Try Blue Water Grill in Union Square or Ocean on the Upper West Side. For a more casual place: The Mermaid Inn. Think that Roy's might be past its prime.

    1. I didn't even know Roy's was still in business. Pass on it. Ideas: ESCA near theatre district (though a bit pricey); Oceana Upper East Side - 60s (ditto). Aquagrill in Soho.

      1. I wouldn't go to Roy's. I definitely agree with Esca and Blue Water Grill. Also, you can try Pearl Oyster Bar (no reservations though, so you'd have to be OK with waiting for a bit) and Lure Fishbar in SoHo.

        1. Roy's is still very much in business, and is in no way "past its prime." I work close by and have been going there for lunch occasionally since the old (pre-9.11) days. I love the Hawaiian-influenced seafood there, and the service is decent. I warn you, though, it ain't cheap!

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            Sea97horse, thanks for that info. I will be going there and have read that despite it's tacky decor it is a really great dinner, different from other seafood places in the city. Granted that it is a chain and not uniquely NY it is still unique to NY since we do not have many Hawaiian places. So if someone wants to experience Manhattan as a city there are better choices but it still has it's place. I feel it is unfair to assume just because it's no longer getting a buzz or on your radar that it's not good.

          2. I second the Roy's nod. I love the place. I lived in Brooklyn for several years pre-9/11 and it was one of my favorite spots. I go back every time I visit Manhattan. Blue Water Grill does have some creative sushi but you can grab a roll there any time. I also think there is something to be said for supporting those businesses in the financial district that don't get the same kind of traffic they use to because of 9/11. Roy's all the way. Try a big apple martini. YUM!