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Aug 12, 2008 06:26 AM

Cold smoking plate for Smokin' Tex

Without entering into a convoluted debate regarding what exactly is or isn't lox, smoked salmon, nova lox, etc., let's just say that I want to make a home-cured and then cold-smoked salmon.

I have a Smokin' Tex smoker and am thinking about ordering the cold plate (which I think is about $60), but am interested to know if anyone has tried this specific item, and if it truly maintains a cold temperature inside the smoker. If not, I will have to rig up some accessory smoker box to connect to the main smoker with some sort of tubing. I would pay the price if the temperature really stays low, but for this project the temperature really needs to stay below 80 degrees.

Anyone who has tried this cold plate, please let me know.


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  1. I have a friend that has a Cookshack which is almost the same as the Smokin Tex. He has done many cold smoked salmons using the cold plate. It is needed for cold smoking and does work well.

    1. Plate plus a bowl of ice does the trick for both cheese and salmon.
      Another cheap trick for cold smoking is to use a tin soup can with the lid still on, but hanging, with a hole in the lid to fit a cheap soldering iron. Fill the can with wood pellets, close the lid and insert the plugged in soldering iron into the hole in the can lid. Put the smoking can into your chamber of choice along with whatever you're cold smoking and there you have it.

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        I've done this and it works. Not great for extended smoking but you can get away with it for cheese. Granted I don't have a Smokin Tex or Cookshack but it's on the splurge list.