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Other restaurants near Di Fara Pizza

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I rented a car and will be driving from Manhattan to Di Fara Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn today. Are there any other places I should visit on the way, nearby, or just because I have access to a car?

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    1. No major destinations but plenty of other places to eat something. On Coney Island Ave, between Prospect Park and Ave J, are lots of small Afgan and Pakistanian places to get things. And, past DiFara on Coney Is. Ave are Turkish places. And, on Ave U around E. 14th St is a very small Chinatown w/some decent dim sum. On the corner of Ave U and McDonald Ave (equivalent of E. 1st St) is a very good Sicilian place for panelle, spleen sandwiches, etc. And, of course, all the way down CIA is Brighton Beach with tons of Russian groceries and snack places on Brighton Beach Ave (M&I is the best of the bunch for salads, take out). And the Boardwalk. Continue down BBeach Ave and bear left when it ends to get to Coney Island. Totonno's pizza. Still hungry?

      1. Orchard Fruit Store on Ave J has some amazing fruit. But they're very expensive -- some stuff doesn't even have the prices on it. But it's the quality can't be beat.

        I wanted to preface this by saying I haven't been in years. But I've had the best malawach at Cafe Bissaleh on Ave P and Coney Island Ave. Malawah -- think of a huge, thicker, chewier version of Singaporean roti canai. Instead of a curry chicken dipping sauce, you've got a spicy tomato sauce.

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          I stopped in Orchard Fruit store a little while ago and was very underwhelmed by their selection and quality. Pacific Green here in Cobble Hill has as good - if not better - looking produce at half the cost.

          After hearing such amazing things about this place for years it was very disappointing.

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            The selection at Orchard isn't huge at all -- and their storefront doesn't match their crazy prices. But I've been happy with everything I've got there. I haven't been to Pacific Green. But I've found the fruit at Orchard to be a lot tastier than what I can get in Manhattan -- including the Greenmarket. I find a lot of things look good. But once I take a bite, I'm so disappointed. Orchard hasn't let me down yet. Perhaps you got some bad fruit?

            Nothing like buying fruit from a farmer's market in California, but found it to be one of the better options in NYC.

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            Their prizes are outrageous at Orchard.

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              Isn't there an Italian bakery nearby that is supposed to be good - near Di Fara, I mean?

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                Adding to my other post that I can't get to right now:

                http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5005... - this is the bakery I was thinking of, but haven't tried it yet myself.

              2. You could check out the area around McDonald and Church Ave which is very Bangladeshi and has a good restaurant or two (Jammun is one.)

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                  the farm on adderly is only about 1 mile away. get a burger and a six points beer.

                2. Villabate Pastry Shop on 18th Avenue and 70th Street for dessert. You will not be disappointed.

                  1. The Orchard is worth a look - and a taste - they will give you a taste of anything you are interested in - you can taste your way through their plums and pluots. or grapes, for example. And buy a couple at $10 or so a lb when you are finished. Id say to the previous poster judge by taste not by looks. They do have much better than average stuff, though I dont always find something to buy when I go there. Also, there may be items in the back - grapes for example that are not on display. They have some honey roasted pecans which are good, also their smoked fish (ex sable).

                    There is an Israeli grocery store on the SW corner of CIA and I that is worth a browse.

                    Olympic Pita is a block further down CIA and there is another IMO better israeli Pita Place (I am blanking on the name) you pass coming down from Prospect Park. Both for felafels, etc.

                    If you continue down CIA there are several turkish places - I recommend Gulloglu for some wonderful baklava and turkish coffee. Farther on, on CIA you will reach Brighton Beach, well worth a visit.

                    If you stay up by avenue I and head east, rather than continuing s. on CIA, you will go into Caribbean Flatbush - I think the Haitian Rocher l'Horeb, which I havent visited yet, is close to Ave I and Nostrand Ave.

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                        Yes, Famous is on Coney Island and Foster. I think they recently moved to Newkirk, though. I also thought their falafel was better than Olympic Pita. Not sure if they still do it, but it used to be to self serve falafel. I would smoosh as many falafel balls as I could in my pita. But it seems that the board favorite is for OP, probably because the laffa there is so good.

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                        Rocher D'Horeb isn't very close, but it does have some delicious Haitian food especially the pork grillot. Even better but far as well is Peppa's Jerk Chicken up Flatbush Ave. The plus to both is they're easy to reach by car there (very straightforward.) If you're willing to go that for in one direction then listen to the above post and go to Villabate or Mona Lisa for dessert/

                      3. Holtz, I've noticed that all of the responses were posted probably after your Di Fara's trip. Sorry, I guess we couldn't help you in time. So, did you you try anything else? And how was the pizza? And did you rent a car for the sole purpose of heading out to Di Fara's?

                        1. Mansoura's mid-eastern pastries, kings h'wy betw e 2nd -3rd st