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Aug 12, 2008 06:19 AM

Help with anniversary dinner in the N. End

With two little kids, we don't get out as much as we used to. This year it's my turn to plan our anniversary night out and I'm thinking of heading to the N. End (usually we stay in the Somerville/Cambridge area). I think we'll start at Neptune Oyster but should we stay there for dinner, or move on? We would be happy strolling the city for each part of our meal... thanks!

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  1. I think since you don't get out much and esp. to that part of town, you should go to a few places. Sure, some oysters and maybe split something else at Neptune then Prezza has to be in there at some point. And if it's Tues. or Sat., you should get a drink before or after at the bar of Lucca. Maybe walk over to the Liberty Hotel for a nightcap.

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      If you're looking for something romantic and more upscale than typical N,. End, Mamma Maria would be a good choice.

    2. My best friend and his wife had their 5th anniversary dinner at Taranta last week. I love the place, but this was their first time.

      They absolutely loved the place (and the food of course).

      My only concern now would be that they're serving a "restaurant week" menu.

      1. Bricco is great food but probably not a place to dip into. Modern Pastry is great for dessert if you can stand the lines. Cafe dello Sport has closed, alas, for espresso and biscotti, so it's Cafe Vittoria or if you want regular coffee, Lulu's (which sells Terroir from George Howell, in another life the owner of Coffee Connection) (all of these are on Hanover). There's a (relatively) new coffee place on Salem Street down from Neptune (past the Hardware store) that's pretty good but I don't know how late it's open.

        A little farther afield, Selle de la Terre near the Aquarium is the downscale version of L'Espalier, but still plenty upscale. I have lunch there and dinner infrequently but I've never had a bad meal. It's a lovely space, very anniversary-worthy.

        1. Also Carmen next to Paul Revere's house is tiny and wonderful.

          1. I always find restaurant hopping more fun than staying put if you're not in a large group. I think Neptune, then Mamma Maria or Prezza, then Caffe Vittorio would be perfect.

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              My husband and I went to Prezza for our anniversary last fall and really enjoyed it.

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                Prezza would probably be my first choice, too, but Taranta is also great. In response to Bostonbob3 above, we ate there during Winter Restaurant week, and though they had a set menu, we enjoyed it and would definitely return. IIRC they had their restaurant week menu posted on the website, so check it out, and if it appeals, do consider it for your anniversary celebration.

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                Mamma Maria would be my choice for dinner, and don't forget they have valet parking.