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Aug 12, 2008 06:07 AM

sweetened condensed milk

Has anyone ever seen sweetened condensed milk sold in anything smaller than 14 oz cans? I seem to recall that when I lived in France, they sold it in tubes, but maybe I am remembering wrong. I only need a small amount for Vietnamese coffee--I am NOT going to use 14 oz and hate to waste so much.

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  1. Hi patricia555,

    I have actually seen a new packaging of sweetened condensed milk by Nestle that is in plastic tube (like toothpaste) so you can squeeze as much as you need and put the tube in the fridge. It also comes in a larger plastic bottle packaging, similar to the squeeze-bottled mayo.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      I think this is what I saw in France, but I haven't seen it in this country. If it's in the US, there has to be somewhere in NYC to find it. My google searches have been unproductive. Do you remember where you saw it? Thanks!

      1. re: patricia555

        You might want to try an Asian/Vietnamese market if there is one in your area.

        1. re: MMRuth

          I did that--they all sell the cans of Longevity brand. I've been all over Chinatown here in NYC.

          1. re: patricia555

            I saw it at Jubilee grocery on John St. in downtown NYC

        2. re: patricia555

          I've bought these in Japanese markets (not sure if it was Nestle, but it was a handy little tube) It's really expensive, though-- putting a regular can in a squeeze bottle yourself sounds like a great idea!

          1. re: patricia555

            This thread was reopened six months later with another post, but for posterity's sake, I know for certain sure I have seen squeezable tubes of sweetened condensed milk (like the upside-down mayonnaise bottles) at the enormous Food Emporium on 50th and 8th. The Gristedes on 54th and 8th did NOT have it.

        3. I've never seen it in anything other than 14 oz cans. You can buy a plastic squeeze bottle (like the kind used for ketchup or mustard) and transfer the condensed milk into it. Because of the high sugar content, it will keep well in the fridge for several weeks. Having it in a squeeze bottle makes it easier to put into a glass when making cafe sua da, too.

          1. It will freeze OK too.

            1. I've only seen the cans and the squeeze bottle. Per oz the bottle is more expensive, so I've been refilling it from the can, and using that for my coffee. But now I'm using a bottle that held Trader Joes agave syrup. It seals better and is clear, allowing me to see how much is left. The milk keeps well in the fridge.

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              1. re: paulj

                The "honey bear" squeeze bottles work well, too.

              2. Here's an idea.
                Buy the 14 oz. can-use what you need-then make Dulche de Leche with the rest. You can find the very easy recipe on the David Lebovitz blog. I cannot wait to make it myself and drizzle it over vanilla ice cream.