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Aug 12, 2008 05:46 AM

Philadelphia Restaurant Supply Store Recommendations

Hello, I'm looking to get some new cookware for a home kitchen and was wondering if people could recommend Restaurant Supply stores in Philly. I've searched the boards and one post in 2001 recommended Fantes and one near Bainbridge. Are there others in Philly to visit? Is there much difference in what's in stock and prices? Thanks.

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    1. Go to Fante's, it's like an amusement park for home cooks. It's not really a restaurant supply store, it's definitely geared towards home cooks. The place on Bainbridge (it's on the corner of Passyunk and Bainbridge) is more of a restaurant supply store.

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      1. I hate to hijack this post but I did want to ask the same question.... when you say Fantes is geared toward the home cook, can I get stuff like a big commercial style aluminum stock pot, I'm also after a Wear Ever Ceramiguard II fry pan. I'm actually trying to hand pick a cookware "set" without buying a Macys, Bed Bath Beyond "special" All Clad, Calphalon, etc. I'd rather hand select according to my needs "professional" cookware -- i.e. something a commercial kitchen would choose. There is a place "Economy Restaurant supply"...

        anyone know anything about that??

        susabo, curious... what are you after?

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 - you check out what they have and see if it would suit your needs (although they have more in store)