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Aug 12, 2008 05:43 AM

Picnic stuff in North or Central Park Slope?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a place to buy good subs or sandwiches for a picnic in Prospect Park? Looking for a place in North or Central park Slope. I was surprised that Blue Apron only makes 1 type of sandwich per day (and a limited supply of this also!). I don't think Union Market does sandwiches, but I could be mistaken. Thanks!

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  1. I always like going to:
    Russo's Mozzarella and Pasta
    363 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    (718) 369-2874 Mon-Sat 9:30-8, Sun 9:30-7

    It's an Italian Grocery store and they make great sandwiches, rotisserie chickens, and have sides. We usually go there before concerts in the park

    If you want to get out of the 15th St. F, you can go over to Terrace Bagels. They have great sandwiches as well, though the store experience can be a pain the you know what.

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      You can take the R to Union and go to Bierkraft on 5th just north of Union and pick up sandwiches there. They have a great cheese selection and bread and cure a variety of meat on site. I also second the recommendation of Russo's. Their fried artichokes are also great and they have some of the best sundried tomatoes I've ever had.

    2. Union Market on Union and 6th Ave definitely makes sandwiches--sometimes... I've seen them in the case, sometimes as many as four different varieties, but they seem to sell out by dinner time. I have only been to UM on 7th @ 13th once, and saw no sandwiches. On the other hand, I walked out with a ton of lovely vegetables and salads, and probably would have snagged a chicken too if only my wife liked meat better. They have two types--adobo and rosemary--both of which looked terrific.

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        I can confirm that the adobo chicken is very good.

      2. when I lived in the neighborhood, Bierkraft used to make sandwiches. For about $8 you could choose from all their fancy cold cuts and cheeses and go to town. They were huge (easily 2 meals) and for the quality, pretty reasonable.

        But that was years ago. Not sure they still do it.

        Oh! There's also Citysub, on Bergen near 5th.

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          citysub does amazing things with boars head... its really a tasty deli-style sandwich.

          russo's is good for more specialty meats, sun dried tomatoes, fresh mozz, garlic, etc italian-style sandwiches.

          i have never had a sandwich from bierkraft but i would imagine their cheeses and cured meats are of fantastic quality and variety. and apparently they have one of the best ice cream sandwiches around.

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            Thanks for suggestions, everyone. Ended up going to Bierkraft, and bought 2 amazing sandwiches there. The only potential downside (for me, at the time) is that the woman does such an amazing, artisanal job to make perfect sandwiches that it took a really long time. However, definitely worth the wait, and will have to plan accordingly next time.

          2. It sort of depends on where you are coming from.
            If you are coming in From the Flatbush Ave side, you could consider picking up Cubanos at the El Viejo Yajo on next to the 7th Ave Q station or jamaican Patties and other stuff at the store (not called Christies any more) up toward grand army plaza.
            In the Central Slope, A&S on Fifth Avenue is still open I believe and does good italian subs.
            If I had my choice though, I would go to Blue Apron and buy some breads, cheeses and meats and feast on that (without sandwiches) I did see some freshly made sandwiches being brought out to the cashier there the other day and they looked excellent. Any of the above would be much better than pre-made sandwiches sitting around in a cooler case.