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Aug 12, 2008 05:23 AM

What to do with a ton of green tomatoes?

I am truly worried that with the cold rainy summer we are having I will not have red tomatoes this summer only tones of big green ones. I have 20 tomato plants if they survive (It's pouring again outside right now.). I make fried green tomatoes, pickled green tomatoes, green tomato salsa and chutney. Any other ideas?

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  1. Hey, Pass--the sun's gonna come out, really it is! [If it doesn't, I find the green toms make an excellent pickle relish]

    1. Not to worry, we have months left. We usually pick all the green tomatoes left at the first hard frost, put them in a single layer in trays, and bring them inside, neither in the sun nor the fridge. Some do rot, but many ripen and we often eat them fresh till mid-Dec. You may have to rotate them and cull them a bit. But tomatoes ripen from inside out, so a green or yellowish one that's been slowly ripening can still be quite good. But it's not even Aug 15! You'll be set by Sept.

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        After the 1st frost, I wrap the greenies in newspaper, interspersed w/ apples to increase ripening, and put them in the cellar.
        I counted nearly 50 withered blossoms on my plants! :o(.

      2. Deep fry them and definatelty pickle them whole or wedged, they go great with pan fried Italian sausages and are good for antipasto's. YUM!

        1. 1. Fried green tomatoes. 2. Green tomato and blackberry sauce (great with red snapper). 3. Fried with Okra. 4. Chow Chow. 5. Use them in chili con carne instead of red tomatoes. 6. Sweet and Sour Green tomato pickles. 7. Chicken and Green Tomato fritters. 8. Green tomato Pie (made like apple pie, substituting green tomatoes). 9. Green Tomato Salsa. 10. Green Tomato Ketchup. 11. Pork Chop Casserole with Green Tomatoes and Onions. 12. Tomatoes and Green Beans au Gratin. 13. Green Mole Sauce (substituting for tomatillos) 14. Mincemeat. 15. Green Tomato Jam. 16. Roasted Green Tomatoes with Bacon and Brown Sugar. 17. Green Tomato and Country Ham Soup. 18. Green Tomato Stew. 19. Baked Green Tomatoes with Sour Cream Sauce. 20. Green Tomato Marmalade.

          1. Ha! I love your handle. Is the kitchen store in Ellsworth still worth going to (haven't been since I was in college)? I make a raspberry and green tomato cobbler-- the crust takes brown sugar. Mmmm...

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              Yup, Rooster Brother's is still there. When I was in college the building was a hardware store.