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Aug 12, 2008 05:21 AM

How do I keep homemade bagels from sticking to baking sheet?

Have been making bagels at home and they taste great but I just can't keep them from sticking to the baking sheet when they're done. I've tried greasing the sheet with butter, greasing it with oil and a bit of flour as well as putting down parchment paper with some oil on top (that was the worst - paper completely stuck to bagel). They stick so much that by the time I've scraped them off of the tray, all of the toppings and a good chunk of the bagel are stripped from the bottom.

I've always tried to remove them from the tray when they just come out of the oven. Is that the problem? Do I need to let them cool first or is there something else I should be doing?


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  1. if you're going to be making your own bagels regularly, you might want to pick up a baking stone or bagel board instead - the surface of either will be more suitable for baking bagels. but regardless of the surface, you need to sprinkle a generous dusting of cornmeal on the tray. [if that doesn't help on the aluminum sheet, try covering it with a sheet of parchment, then a layer of cornmeal.]

    1. Try baking the bagels on a sheet of Release foil instead of parchment, or on a Silpat. The Resist is silicon-coated, and makes a great baking surface; nothing sticks to it. Same with the Silpat.

      1. Have never made bagels from scratch, but love Silpats, the silicone baking liner I use for all kinds of cookies and candies. It is heavy duty silicone and is good to about 400-450 degrees. I love to make pralines, which are very hot and sticky and they never stick to the silicone sheets. Also great for making crostinis, which also can become sticky if fruit juices bubble up. They are not cheap, about $20. You can buy them at Bed, Bath & Beyond or other cooking stores, probably available on line. I always have coupons for BBB and use those. On your second point, I remove cookies from baking sheet right away to let cool, but I leave cakes in pan for 10-15 min before removing. Will have to defer to experienced bagel bakers, don't really have an answer on that. Good Luck!

        1. I've had excellent results using a baking stone, with or without parchment paper, except when I don't dry the bagels enough after boiling. Maybe that's the problem. Cornmeal would help, too.

          1. Thanks all. Like I said, I have used flour and parchment paper. Have also tried cornmeal but still having same problem. I have also let the bagels dry before putting them on the sheet and they still stuck.

            Next try will be silipat or a baking stone.

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              Definitely try Reynolds Release (in the States) or Alcan Slide (in Canada). It's a non-stick foil and I've yet to find anything that will stick to it.

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                i really think the aluminum pan is the issue. good luck, and let us know if you ever resolve the problem - it would be a nice tip/fix to have in the CH arsenal for future reference.