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Aug 12, 2008 05:06 AM

How's the food at Twins Jazz -- and HR-57?

If I missed this in an earlier thread let me know. Do any of you know or have an opinion about the Ethiopian/Caribbean menu at Twins Jazz (on U St)? Somebody on here has said something positive about fried chicken, red beans and rice at HR-57 (on 14th), which sounds wonderful to me, but wondering if anybody would like to chime in on that too. (I know you bring your own wine or beer for a small corkage there.)

We're doing jazz every night this week, with a visitor to town. It's been really fun, but I keep trying to figure out if we need to get dinner before going to the clubs or can get decent -- or good or great -- food there. (Turns out you can get food Monday nights at Bohemian Caverns, which I couldn't tell from their webpage -- didn't eat any, but it looked good, fyi -- and a great show!)

Thanks for any thoughts.

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  1. I can't vouch for Twins, but I thought the fried chicken at HR-57 was just okay. I'd be more inclined to stop at any of the Ethiopian places near Twins before the show, or even The Islander for some goat curry and fresh ginger beer.

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      Thanks! -- that's my inclination, too, but we're meeting for drinks at Bar Pilar before Twins, so might just eat there if I don't hear from anybody else about Twins. But maybe should get Ethiopian before HR-57. I haven't been to The Islander, great idea, I really love good spicy ginger beer and miss it.

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        The food at Bar Pilar has been wonderful. I think you'd enjoy it even if you didn't have to be in the area for the show.

        1. re: dcandohio

          oh, I know, I love Bar Pilar and its food, didn't mean to suggest otherwise -- I was just trying to sort out the options. Thanks!

    2. I go to Twins alot, my brother plays there often. The food is not good.

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