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Aug 12, 2008 02:33 AM

Best sushi in Hong Kong?

Have tried a few so far and the stand out has to be Sushi Kuu on Wellington St. Anybody here have any other recommendations for a similar standard, quality and price?

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  1. The best for me is Kenjo. Have been to Kuu only for lunch and the quality is no different from what I can get at any place in town. I have heard good things about dinner though but haven't had the desire to go back. Which ones have you tried in town?

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    1. re: HKTraveler

      +1 for Kenjo. A stand out in HK.

      Kenjo is probably the best and not THAT terribly expensive... on a side note DO NOT order anything that's not on the menu, anything the waiters recommend you... you will regret it. They charge exhorbitant price for stuff not on the menu.

      I find places like Unkai, Kuu, etc. to be very average... maybe a step about conveyor belt, but not enough to justify the price difference.

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        So what does an average nigiri sushi only meal cost at Kenjo and/or Kuu? Just want some idea in case I get the raw fish munchies next time I visit.

        1. re: K K

          at kenjo, prob 900 to 1200 per head

        2. re: HKTraveler

          kiko at the landmark is very good. i also like the yuu at knutsford terrace and senryo in ifc mall (although significantly less fancy)

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            Kenjo is good but only go there if kenjo san himself is there, sushi quality could be different when he is not around. Also made reservation to sit in front of him at the sushi counter!
            Dinner in kenjo would be around $890 - $1200 HKD per head.
            For Uni lover, to be honest u are going to be disappointed with the uni quality in kenjo so don't bother ordering the uni. The rest are good and fresh quality fish and seafood.
            Also by the end of ur meal do not order the fruit! They charge $150 hkd for a few slices of melon just take the ice cream or the tea.

          2. The usual suspects at the top end are Kenjo, Imamura, Tenjaku (I prefer the new one)... I would also mention Qube and Hiro (Bekkan upstairs). You would have a very good omakase at any of these places.

            Have only been to Kuu for lunch and agree that it's nothing special.

            1. Try Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant (友和日本料理) in Causeway Bay or Ten Jaku on Tung Lung Street (also in CWB). Enjoy!

              1. absolute favourite is genki ippai in miramar plaza in tst
                they have alot more than just sushi in their repertoire, but the nigiri is still fantastic!

                1. Sushi Shota
                  Sushi Kato
                  Sushi Hiro
                  Rei Sushi
                  Sushi Toku
                  Sushi Qube

                  Any of these are above average, IMHO.

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                  1. re: kosmose7

                    personal favourites :
                    sushi Toku (but that will require a hop over to tsimshatsui)
                    Matsushima (in cwb - continental diamond building next to sogo, one floor next to Imamura)
                    Ko shu (or Kosyu) - Jardine Center (bit of a dive decor wise, but the fish is very good)

                    1. re: sundaydriver

                      Matsushima is the new Tenjaku...which I prefer over the old Tenjaku