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Aug 12, 2008 12:01 AM

Mexico Lindo, one of the best you never had in Rosarito

Well, after a year of waiting for the renovation of Mexico Lindo, the awesome restaurant on the careterra libre in Northern Rosarito that served mesquite grilled quail, rabbit, venison,lamb, kid, and chicken is now officially closed.When I spoke with the owners a year ago they were renovating, and in the last month I popped by to see that the place is done.The neighboring auto related business said that there hasn't been anyone in there since they opened their business six months ago.

Mexico Lindo was written up on some San Diego guide years ago talking about the roadside stand where you could score a quail dinner on the cheap.This same article listed Tacos El Yaqui.About a year and a half ago I searched in vain for the Mexico Lindo stand for hours and when I gave up, heading for TJ, I ran into Mexico Lindo the restaurant with an outdoor mesquite grill man cranking out the game.
Mexico Lindo

No more merely a puesto

For $9, I had amazing Baja grilled quail with rice, beans, and a homemade macaroni salad.
El codorniz
Arroz y frijoles

I had planned on bring a group to to a tasting of quail, venison, kid, and rabbit when they had stopped anwering their phone, so it never happened.This restaurant seemed to complete the Baja scene, local game grilled the Baja way, and I only wondered why there weren't more places doing this.Come on, Baja mesquite grilled quail.It's one of those things that's often touted yet seems difficult to find.I could get the quail at Villa Saverios, and the venison at La Querencia, but in one place at these prices?

My fridgerator magnet is a painful reminder of the loss.How cool is that?I have a Taco de Huitzilopochtli and Mexico Lindo refrigerator magnets!

Why?What happened to this gem?I hope some of you stumbled across this place or tried it when it was the little simple stand that could.I will continue my search for another Mexico Lindo.

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  1. Wait a minute! I don't quite understand. Mexico Lindo started renovations about a year ago and then finished the renovations recently and then never reopened the renovated restaurant and now it's closed forever? That doesn't compute/make a lot of sense. Do the owners have an explanation for what happened? I share your puzzlement.

    I lust after your El Taco de Huitzilopochitli refrigerator magnet. Over the years all the "memorabilia" I've been able to steal/take away from the restaurant is a xerox copy of their menu.