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Aug 11, 2008 09:47 PM

How about a NE "pizza tour" ?

I got the idea from Jeff Varasano's pizza page..

There's a lot of pizza topics on here...who else wants to try more and find the perfect one? I'd love to go to New Haven and try their pizza..(I will eventually..probably when it gets a little cooler out) but honestly I'd feel a bit awkward sitting there by myself eating a pizza. Nobody I know is nuts enough to go 2hrs away for a pizza. Then again I still have to hit a few places here in RI..I think I'm going to hit EG next and try Frank and John's next.

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  1. I've done limited pizza tours in NYC, and a few food trips that included pizza joints over the past couple of years, but have never done a "pizza weekend" or something similar. It's definitely a great idea, though!

    I'll throw some of my favorites in New England onto this thread, for what it's worth:

    Santarpio's, East Boston, MA
    Regina's, Boston, MA
    Galleria Umberto, Boston, MA
    Bianchi's Pizza, Revere, MA
    Lynwood Cafe, Randolph, MA
    Monte's, Lynn, MA
    Tripoli Bakery, Lynn, MA
    Sicilia's, Providence, RI
    Fellini's, Providence, RI
    Pepe's, New Haven, CT
    Pizza Barn, Center Ossipee, NH
    Pie in the Sky, Stowe, VT

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      Hidden- what did you think of Linwood pizza? I love a "bar style" pizza like that. I used to love Town Spa in Stoughton, but think they have gone down a bit! Cape Cod Cafe- Brockton, Raynham, Ma is pretty good too!

      1. re: mrsNEPATSfan

        Lynwood is perhaps my favorite bar pizza of them all, and maybe only a few steps away from overall #1 in my book (Pepe's, Santarp's, and Regina's are probably ahead of the Lynwood).

      2. re: hiddenboston

        One more for Boston, Ernesto's on Salem St. IMHO, it beats out Regina's for the best in the North End. Plus it's not nearly as crowded.

      3. This could be interesting, maybe a dirty half dozen? Go for it.

        1. Rosalie's Pizza - Bar Harbor. Nothing fancy - plastic utensils, paper plates...but thin crust lovely pizza with the crust bubbles!! I have not eaten anything else there so no clue about the rest of the menu. Love it!

          1. All time favorite is La Festa Brick and Brew in Dover NH
            300 Central Ave
            Dover, NH 03824
            (603) 743-4100

            Unfortunately I discovered it during my last semester at UNH. I have been known to drive over an hour for their pizza though. Road trip from RI is definitely on the to-do list soon. They have awesome garlic knots and you can get garlic knot pizza crust too. Yummy!

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              Junction Pizzeria, now Wickford Junction Bistro in North Kingstown has very good Neapolitan style pizza...

              1. re: Sean

                Riverview in Ipswich, great small bar style pizzas