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Aug 11, 2008 08:54 PM

fresh fish at Market Basket

Went to Market Basket in Newburyport today. The quality and price were both outstanding...perhaps a seasonal thing ..or even a seasonal, Newburyport thing.

HUGE, natural dry sea scallops 8.99/lb
fresh tuna, swordfish 8.99/lb
wild salmon, fresh haddock, pollack 3.99/lb
farmed salmon 4.99/lb
fresh bluefish, monkfish, marlin, mahi-mahi, and some kind of shark 6.99/lb

Wild salmon was delicious and I put pollack in freezer for chowder. All the above was fresh and there was little frozen product on display (besides shrimp, calamari etc) and it all looked really good.

I've never seen this kind of selection/value at any of my local groceries. I may have to go to another local MB tomorrow to see if it was a fluke (no pun intended.)

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  1. Not a fluke. I find the fish markets at both the Reading and Middleton stores outstanding.

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    1. re: shaebones

      Yep. Market Basket quality and prices are excellent. I've pretty much stopped using my local fish market unless I'm buying lobster meat or 5 pound blocks of shelled Gulf of Maine shrimp.

      The small haddock filets (between 1/2 and 1 pound) are usually $4.99 but were a buck cheaper when I was buying them yesterday. They'll skin them for you so you don't stink up your trash. I've basically been living on the stuff all summer. In the last 2 months, I only recall 1 day when they didn't have fresh haddock.

    2. I agree and love Mrk Bsk for fish - keep an eye out for their lobster prices, usually very good end of season and they'll steam while you shop ($3.99 lb).

      1. We go to the Reading MB tomorrow so I'll be looking for that tuna! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the fish in the Middleton store and was so happy when the Reading store opened. Good idea to buy and freeze... I usually buy and cook the same day.

        1. I shop at a lot of different MBs, often...I just never saw a bonanza like that. It took me 10 minutes to choose!

          I should also mention that in a nearby frozen case I picked up some frozen tuna, 1-inch cubes, cryovaced, for 4.59/lb. It will make a great salad or snack some night. They also had frozen haddock for 3.99/lb which always works fine for chowder.

          1. I thought I'd bump this with an update.... I just paid $2.99/pound for fresh haddock in Portsmouth, NH as an unadvertised special.

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            1. re: GeoffD

              What??? I just paid $4.99/lb yesterday in Reading Ma. Last week it was $3.99/lb. Still a great price so I'm not complaining. :)