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Aug 11, 2008 07:33 PM

Nice Relaxing Diner for Solo Foodie in Las Vegas. HELP!

Ok so I got my restaurants down to the last meal which I would like my fellow Las Vegas Foodies to help me with. I'm going Solo and want a nice relaxing dinner, maybe with a view of some sort, and a good drink list. Here is what I got reservations for so far:

MONDAY: Dinner at Alex at Wynn

TUESDAY: Breakfast at Buchon, Dinner at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

WEDNESDAY (BAR DAY): Lunch at Mesa Grill, Small Plates at Guy Savoys Bubble Bar, Dinner at Craftsteak's Bar!

THURSDAY:NEED HELP!!! So I made reservations for Fleur de dys but now I'm starting to think I got to much french food going on. So I want to try something unique, different, and relaxing. I thought about Okada or Nobhill but I don't know to much about there food or environments. I wouldn't mind a place thats in a casino that has a good breakfast or lunch within the area to so I don't have to travel from hotel to hotel.

HELP from you fellow Las Vegas Foodies. Thanks!

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  1. Okada has great sushi in a lovely environment at the Wynn.

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    1. re: ellenost

      Yeah this is the one I'm leaning towards. Have heard nothing but good things and will be different from the others I have reservations to. I have yet to have True sushi and sake so I'm excited to try something new and different. Thanks!

    2. I see no Italian on the list.
      If you've not sampled Batalli elsewhere I STRONGLY recommend doing so. Pasta tasting at B+B.

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      1. re: uhockey

        Yeah thats what got me thinkin. Trying to decide between a unique japanese experience or italian experience. I've heard nothing but mixed reviews about b&b in which led me to Okada. I LOVE italian food but I LOVE trying new things as well. I almost want to expand my vacation to do both. HMMMM!

        1. re: cgervais45

          I'm going through the same thing. I'm visiting with a friend in late September and they arrive one day after me so I have a breakfast/brunch and a dinner solo to fill.

          Currently, my list is:
          Weds: Carnevino lunch, Solo dinner alone

          Thurs: Table 10 lunch, Craftsteak w/ friend.

          Friday: Enoteca San Marco or Burger Bar Lunch, Unknown dinner (Thinking Le Cirque vs. MIX vs Alize) followed by a club.

          Sat: Bouchon Breakfast, SeaBlue dinner.

          Having been to Babbo and been amazed by the food, I'd consider B+B but I'd prefer try something different (thus Carnevino and Enoteca) since I've heard B+B < Babbo.

          I'm thinking L'Atelier for my solo dinner, but also looking at PRIME or Guy Savoy (just 3 courses or Bubble Bar, not the tasting.)

          1. re: uhockey

            Are u a part of by chance? As far as L'Atelier I'm defently making that my #1 besides Alex. Las Vegas is the place to experience one of the best chefs in america without traveling outside the U.S.A.! I just think Okada will be different than the others I made reservations for and I have yet to have real good sushi living in Atlanta but still haven't have good italian eithier.

            1. re: cgervais45

              Is there another uhockey? :-) Yessir, one in the same.

              I've had good sushi....Nobu Soho didn't overwhelm me any moreso than high end sushi in Ohio....Okada seems overpriced to me.

              I've had good Italian (All Angelo, Babbo, Otto, Il Mulino) and can honestly say Batalli blew my mind with Babbo.


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        1. re: lestererik

          Yeah I'm been thinkin more towards this than Okada only because its at my hotel. I really just want a nice enjoyable meal at a place thats not OVER HYPED.

        2. What is the current price of L'atelier's Tasting menu?

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            1. re: cgervais45

              Just got back from Vegas. It's now $148.

          1. I just returned from LV a few hours ago. Last night I dined solo at Sushi Roku at the Forum Shops at Caesars. I had the Omakase and thought it was outstanding. I highly recommend it. I also ate at CUT at the Palazzo and was not impressed.